10 Minutes of Ruminations

If one listens to the talking heads too long in the media one is bound to go crazy. Thank goodness for American media that they have simplified the debate into two camps. The one camp that really stands out is of course the conservative side. I think this is because they say the most outrageous things which makes the news, youtube etc. They do better at getting people fired up.

Gay Marriage, Israel and Gaza and Christmas Movies

1. Proposition 8 – Gay Marriage There was an article in the Wall Street journal about a “black list” of businesses that gay people were protesting due to their support of Proposition 8. It seems like these are extremists and such extremism isn’t really supported by the community. The article told the story of a…… Continue reading Gay Marriage, Israel and Gaza and Christmas Movies

OIC priorities

Islam is under attack, we hear and OIC, the Organisation of the Islamic Conference, is coming to the rescue. Jihadwatch takes a look at the priorities of OIC: Unfortunately the threats that OIC sees are not the sort of violent extremist “hijackers” of the “religion of peace” who perpetrated 9-11, 7-7, etc. but rather “political…… Continue reading OIC priorities

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