Move back to the USA?

At this time, I’m contemplating a move back to the USA. There are many factors contributing to this decision but perhaps the main one is to simply get some American work experience before I hit 30. After living and becoming accustomed to Asia for the past four years, it is impossible to re-adjust to the…… Continue reading Move back to the USA?

Observations of the Week

First, let me say that you must take the last entry about the French with a grain of salt. I like France and French people. Parisians still annoy me though. In fact, I’m reading a French book called “les États- Unis aujourd’hui; les maîtres du monde?” (The United States Today; The masters of the world?)…… Continue reading Observations of the Week

Another entry

I finally won GTA- San Andreas. There are still a million sub missions to complete but for the most part, I’m free from the games clutches. I will not play another game until they come out with another GTA game and will concentrate on my blog, writing back e-mails to friends in good time and…… Continue reading Another entry

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