Nightly News BBC, PBS and Fox News

Just a warning, I’m feeling very feisty tonight.  I currently am listening to Rammstein and have had two glasses of a very nice Chardonnay.  

The idea for this post came while watching the nightly newscast of BBC and PBS WHILE drinking the Chardonnay and once I get the post out of my system I’ll be satisfied.  This one is going to be no holds barred.  Well, you know what, being a linguist I don’t really like stupid wrestling metaphors so let’s just say I’m going to be mean. 

On occasion I watch the nightly news here in the USA.  Now, if you’ve never seen it you would find that Americans really really like to hear about the weather.  They like it so much it is repeated about 6 times in one half an hour.  Most of the news is local but occasionally will touch on the international stuff.  But be warned, the international news is devoid of any and all good information.  It’s just some reporter stating that something happened with absolutely no in-depth info. 

So tonight, It thought I would sit through a broadcast from the Public Broadcasting Station as well as the BBC.  To be brief the difference was this.

PBS interviewed Christine Lagarde who is now the head of the IMF.  In case you didn’t know DSK (It’s so cool when powerful people are simply known by their initials) got in trouble trying to rape a maid in a hotel, so he is out.  Now, from the interview I actually LEARNED SOMETHING!

The BBC and PBS news casts however had many very unattractive people conducting these interviews.  If you take a look to the left, you’ll see a typical news anchor for Fox.  

If we look at the ratings of news broadcasts in the USA we quickly see Fox on top (sexual innuendo for you Fox news viewers out there) with all the rest being on bottom.  PBS and the BBC don’t even rank I think.

So what did I learn tonight?  Well, a decent portion of the American news watching public is completely stupid……and horny.  


The BBC and PBS will actually teach you something.  I learned more about the debt crisis in one night than watching all the other news channels combined.  The only other news outlet that actually teaches me something is The Economist, but as we know, most Republicans do not read, so lets just stick with things on TV.  Further, Fox news would get their opinions from Glenn Beck (Well, no longer, a circus act can only last so long) and O’Reilly.  Both blowhards.  

To be kind and being a blog called “The Global Citizen,” I should let those Fox news viewers know that Christina Park (pictured above) is of Korean heritage (and I didn’t even look it up).  How does a silly liberal such as myself know this?  Because her name is Park and combined with her looks I’m 99.9999 percent certain.

Where is Korea you may ask? 

Well, for you Fox News viewers it is located in China right next to Beijing.  

But getting back to my point, I find it very sad that the majority of the population would eschew a good news broadcast like the BBC and PBS simply so they can be titillated.  

As we have seen from Fox, it is the attractive reporters and completely stupid opinions that keep them coming back.  I predict that The Naked News will one day replace Fox because,, come on, simple titillation can only work for so long.   Just compare it to a term used for Marijuana, Fox News is only a “gateway” aphrodisiac.  

Well, that is my rant for tonight.  I’m tired of being kind.  Is it any wonder why 95% of the international people I have met are Liberals?  Is it any wonder why the smartest people I have ever met are also Liberals?  

We have colleges, universities and a lot of people studying.  Why do so many people decide not to think?  


By Mateo de Colón

Global Citizen! こんにちは!僕の名前はマットです. Es decir soy Mateo. Aussi, je m'appelle Mathieu. Likes: Languages, Cultures, Computers, History, being Alive! (^.^)/