New Year 2014

New Year 2014 I usually like to write about an event while it is actually happening. This year I just didn’t have the enthusiasm to write for Christmas and am a little bit delayed for the New Year. So today, I’m forcing myself to get my thoughts down. This New Year’s Eve we did not…… Continue reading New Year 2014

10 More Observations From Big Mike

1. The anti-communist movement was just really an anti-populist movement. The well off, not wanting to share the world with the general population. Keep them suppressed. After defeating the communist, break the labor unions. They, the oligarchs, didn’t want organized labor. Keep the population as poor and dumb as possible, so they will fight each…… Continue reading 10 More Observations From Big Mike

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As usual it has been a long time since my last post.  There is no specific reason other than I have been too lazy to set my thoughts down on the computer screen. Tonight however, I’ve had a very profound thought that I felt worthy of a quick post. I’ve been watching a lot of…… Continue reading Eternity