Thoughts on Poverty

For most of my life I had defined poverty as having little monetary means. I would look at how the “poor” lived in the ghettos and slums and the violence that raged there. However, speaking with a good Vietnamese friend yesterday at an extremely modest, (those in the west would say poor) beer hoi I…… Continue reading Thoughts on Poverty

What Defines Nationality?

Most recently there have been so many “Viet Kieu” or “Overseas Vietnamese” coming back to Vietnam. The Tet holiday I think was the biggest single time of returning Vietnamese coming to visit their birthplace. I met so many of them going out and seeing local foreigners I know with Vietnamese I had never seen before…… Continue reading What Defines Nationality?

Star Wars

I just saw the new Star Wars move “Revenge of the Sith” last night. As it plays in the theaters in the USA it’s already out on DVD in Vietnam.The movie was excellent and some of the lines really stuck in my mind. It appears George Lucas is paralleling the political environment of our times,…… Continue reading Star Wars