Ron Paul, Tea Party, Fox News and Colorado Springs

Ron Paul, Tea Party, Fox News and Colorado Springs.

What do these four things have in common?  Well, for starters they were all mentioned in the news today.  But the exciting news is that I agree with ALL of them!!

For anyone who has read my blog you probably think of me as a Liberal.  If you are a liberal yourself then you might think of me fondly.  Yet if you are conservative then I would be someone who just “went weird” after living abroad and in San Francisco for too long.

Well my friends, this is the thing.  Intelligence is often described as one who can use their own brain and not stick blindly to any one idea, belief or creed.  Today, I read some things I really liked and the Democrats lost quite a few points in my mind.  This does not mean I’m going Republican or anything but what are political parties really?  Political parties are just groups of people that espouse a collection of ideologies that shift and change over time.  As ideas, ideologies and the world change it would follow that our alliances change as well.

Before I get distracted by the polarization of America into two camps and citizens wearing their political affiliation on their sleeve like sportswear let’s get back to today.

1.  Ron Paul

I have always liked Ron Paul.  I like him even more after reading the article “Ron Paul: Tea Party Godfather? Now I know, some of you must be thinking, WTF!!!  “You’re one of them Liberals!”

But hold the phone, let’s back up.  During the presidential debates he was definitely the underdog and made fun of but what he was saying was spot on!  In the primaries the other GOP candidates would just brush him off, laugh at him and through their body language show they thought he was from the moon.

Well here is something to try and put your arms around… I agree with him again and he is a Republican!  To get to the core of the issues let’s make a list

1.  Neocon influence is infiltrating the GOP.
– Agreed:  Get rid of Palin, Beck, Limbaugh and those other monkeys

2. Transparency of the Federal Reserve
– Transparency is a good thing

3.  Recalling overseas soldiers
–  Our soldiers are there because America is an Empire.  America is protecting their interests globally but straining us financially at home.  Why?  Let’s go back to the non-interventionist stance we had before!

4.  End the drug war
– Why do we spend so many resources on this?  The problem is our consumption at home.  Get Americans to stop taking drugs and problem solved.  Killing poor farmers in other countries is not effective.  If there is no demand, then there will be no need for a supply, simple economics here.

5.  Go back to the Gold Standard
– I went to business school but will defer to the Ph.Ds in this subject.  I understand money is simply backed by the promise of the government but do not understand why basing currency on something real and valuable is a bad thing.  I just don’t know enough about it and I know it.

So ending point number one that I like Ron Paul is finished.  On to point number two.

2.  Tea Party

In the same article they talk about Ron Paul being the “godfather” of the Tea Party!  Wow!  I have considered the Tea Party to be those Americans who really do not understand anything at a complex level but really do not want to be taxed.  I agree, let’s do away with the taxes but man, the Tea Party has a bad image and and I was shocked.. SHOCKED i TELL YOU about point number three.

3.  Fox News – Disparages Tea Party

In the article “Fox News Publishes Semi-Critical Article on Tea Party Participants,” Fox admits that the Tea Party is full of “mistruths, exaggerations and conspiracy theories.”  This is true.  The Tea Party is a bit weird.  Yet, I like Ron Paul, the tea party supports Ron Paul so I guess I might kind of support the Tea Party if they don’t turn out to be full of idiots.

To try to sum up the chain here, I’ll use a mathmatical proof that contains no math at all:

1. Ron Paul – I like
2. Ron Paul is Republican
3.  The Tea Party is under the Republican umbrella
4. Ron Paul keeps winning the Republican straw polls which encompasses the Tea Party and therefore is the best candidate for the job

Conclusion:  Ron Paul is the candidate!

But will this ever happen??

Hell no.

Why?  Because the Republicans fear the Tea Party and like taxes just like the Democrats.  This brings me  to my fourth point.

4.  Colorado Springs

– I’ve been to Colorado Springs and it is a decent town full of crazy conservatives.  But why would I think they are crazy if I agree with what they are doing?

In the article “Can a Town Survive With Nearly No Government?” they talk about Colorado Springs doing exactly that.  Cut all services as much as possible and let the free market reign.  I like this.  But there is only one enormous problem.  The entire town is pretty much supported by the military which is the government.  Therefore, if they cut all the taxes and try to do away with government then this would include the military which again, IS the government.

I like the idea but man would the people be mad when they find out they have no jobs because they cut all their taxes which then could not pay for the military which then cut their jobs.

I recently had an online debate with firemen and police that were also upset about Obama and taxes.  I pointed out that they drew their salaries from taxpayer dollars.  Therefore, if the government did what they requested, and people in Colorado Springs stopped paying taxes then they would have no job.

BUT, free market could take over and set up private companies that would ensure efficiency which means they would not be paid just to sit around waiting for things to happen but only when there was a fire or criminal on the loose.  Firemen would have to stop responding to cats in trees and would not have to report to work to just sit.  Instead they would have to report when there is actually a fire (or police when a criminal was on the loose) which would make them more effective and stop waste.  Therefore, since there are not that many fires and criminals only cause havoc once or twice a day (in the big cities) they would have to take on a few other jobs to pay the bills.

As for me personally, I am in sales which means I have to actually bring in money or get fired and lose my healthcare and more importantly salary.  So I really don’t have any sympathy for people who complain about ObamaCare when they just sit and wait for things to happen so they can be paid by the government.

In conclusion, I like Ron Paul, if the Tea Party gets him elected I’ll like them too, if Fox news finally points out that the Tea Party is full of weirdos I’ll give them credit, unless the Tea Party gets Ron Paul elected.  AND finally, until everyone starts acting like Colorado Springs and cuts all government services (including taking your trash) then I’m going to vote Democrat because people who TALK THE TALK HAVE TO WALK THE WALK!

By Mateo de Colón

Global Citizen! こんにちは!僕の名前はマットです. Es decir soy Mateo. Aussi, je m'appelle Mathieu. Likes: Languages, Cultures, Computers, History, being Alive! (^.^)/