10 More Observations From Big Mike

1. The anti-communist movement was just really an anti-populist movement. The well off, not wanting to share the world with the general population. Keep them suppressed. After defeating the communist, break the labor unions. They, the oligarchs, didn’t want organized labor. Keep the population as poor and dumb as possible, so they will fight each other for the crumbs we give them.

2. The Indo-China war, called the Vietnam war was about many things:

a) Enrich the weapons companies who are your buddies. They are euphemistically called defense companies.

b) Perfect Guerrilla Warfare techniques, also observing the psychological effects of a long term campaign.

c) Run heroin out of the Golden Triangle, to fund global covert operations, and also to pocket profits.

d) And of course, run an anti-populist movement, called an anti-communist movement, in an area that just wanted to be free of imperialists.

3. A good amount of the population in the United States, are some of the most over educated dummies in the world. They over specialize in a field, but don’t have a clue of how the system they vote for and support, really rapes their fellow citizens within the country, and around the world.

4. The Presidents, that the population so proudly elects in the United States to represent them, are puppets. Even Bush #2 was, believe or not.

5. Every time the general population starts to get any type of footing, the oligarchs in charge change the rules, to throw them off balance.

6. Public schools in the United States are outlets for teaching propaganda to kids.

7. Investigative commissions such as the 9/11 commission, Watergate commission and the Warren commission are a bunch of crooks, covering up for crooks. These should really be trials in the criminal courts.

8. Globalization means that the oligarchs are going to make as much money as possible, standing on the back of people across the world, including at home.

9. The CIA is an arm of the United States military industrial complex, that furthers the economic interest of the elite technocrats.

10. In 2005, the United States balked about the sale of Unocal to CNOOC, a Chinese oil company. Unocal was later bought by Chevron. On hindsight, in 1995 Unocal owned the mineral rights to hydrocarbons in western Turkmenistan. Turkmenistan has the 3rd largest natural gas reserves in the world, but is land locked. Unocal proposed the Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline. This pipeline was to run through Afghanistan, protected by the Taliban, through Pakistan, into a power plant located in Western India. The plant needed a cheap source of natural gas, in order to be affordable for public consumption, so that the operators of the plant could turn a profit. This power plant was built by Bechtel, generators supplied by General Electric, and was to be operated by Enron.

In 1997 an expanding China proposed its own pipeline, from eastern Turkmenistan, through Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, to western China. That pipeline is done and operating ( no war needed ). Logic would say that energy hungry China wanted more access to hydrocarbons, and it wanted to extend its current pipeline from eastern Turkmenistan to western Turkmenistan, to tap the reserves that Unocal owned, hence the purchase attempt by CNOOC.

–Big Mike

The Missing Culprits

Do yourself a favor. Call me crazy now, before you read the rest of this story. That way, this can be gotten out of the way, because what I am about to tell you, most of the public will not believe.

On September 11, 2001, there were no terrorist involved, as reported by the U.S. Government, in the attacks on the World Trade Centers or the Pentagon.

For those of you who haven’t called me a bunch of four letter words ( amongst other things ), and clicked to another page, let me try to explain.

The false flag operation on September 11, 2001, was a made for corporate controlled mass media event, to shock the public into it’s place, in order to achieve several goals. It was so well planned and orchestrated, that intelligence agencies from around the world, picked up on it as the real deal, and tried to warn the U.S. Government about pending attacks.

After sifting through various information sources for years, trying to make sense of the shocking day, I was listening to the weekly broadcast of KPFA’s, “Guns and Butter”. This show discusses The Economics of Politics. On this particular day, they were featuring screen writer and producer Art Olivier, with his movie “Operation Terror: The 9/11 Story You Are Not Supposed To Know”. After only the first few minutes of the show, with all of the information I already had, I knew that finally a lot of the pieces to the puzzle, on what actually lead up to the events of 9/11, were going to fall into place. If you are looking to watch this video in regular theaters, rent it from the normal channels, or even watch it online: FORGET ABOUT IT. This movie was banned, because it got too close to the truth. Because I am so interested in the subject matter, because it effects so much of the world around me, I found that it was the one of the best $25 investments, I have ever made.

The key to seeing the truth, is the conditioning of the mind. I am never going to be able to counter the overpowering mass media, and the message’s they have to push, with my writings on this blog. It is up to the individual to take steps, to find out how the world they are a part of, really operates in the background. If someone asks me about a starting point, I would immediately direct them to L. Fletcher Prouty’s book, “The Secret Team”. Until one understands the foundation and rogue behavior of the CIA, several things will always be cloudy. And trust me, when I first started to read this book, I felt the author was off of his rocker, and set it down. But after encountering information over the next six months, that showed me that the author knew what he was talking about, I picked the book back up, and read it from cover to cover.

The intelligence community has a term for building a legend for someone. It is called “sheep dipping”. This is done, by taking a designated person who is an intelligence “asset”, and either sending him/her or their “double” to places of interest, on various tasks, to display a desired behavior, to influence the minds of the people they encounter. In a nutshell, they are building a legend for themselves. In the case of the “purported” 9/11 terrorist, one example of this, was the flight school training for commercial airliners. All of the so called terrorist, were intelligence assets, that got paraded around the United States, leaving the trail of a legend built, to tie up the story, in the aftermath of 9/11.

One important main asset that wasn’t paraded around the United States, but served as the figure head, was the very sick with ailing kidneys, Osama Bin-Laden. A very big CIA asset, from the days of the Cold War. This man was being kept alive, through dialysis treatment, at the American Hospital in Pakistan, so he could take the blame. Most likely, this chap has been dead for over a decade now, but that sure didn’t stop “doubles” and fake tapes from showing up, in order to chase him and his supporters, around the world.

Now at this moment, you may be asking yourself: If there were no terrorist, then who hijacked the planes. There was a “hijacking” of planes, but not as the “official” story presented it. The hijacking occurred electronically. Empty planes, that were modified to be controlled as “drones”, electronically “hijacked” the signature of actual flights, before being redirected. Two of the aluminum/fiberglass based planes hit the World Trade Centers, towers 1 and 2, which were built to survive this impact. As most know, these two tower ended up collapsing. This happened along with the collapse of WTC building 7, that had no impact, but contained records for certain sensitive investigations, that the powers to be would love see disappear. In comes nano thermite. A very fine thermite that burns super fast and super hot, that was found in the debris of the buildings. If you paint this stuff inside, along with attaching some remote detonators, then you have the making of a controlled demolition.

The other drone was used as cover before pulling up, for a cruise missile that penetrated the reinforced walls of the Pentagon, a lot better than a aluminum/fiberglass commercial airliner would.

The so called plane crash in Pennsylvania appears to be a prepared crater, where an actual airliner was shot down to provided the debris, but missed the mark. This is still a little fuzzy.

Now at this point, if you are ready to kick my teeth out, to teach me a lesson, please answer this question first: If this was really the work of terrorist, how did they coerce to United State into running about 46 military war games/disaster exercises around the same time, turning some of them “live” in the confusion of the day, in order to pull off the feat?

–Big Mike

Sources for information:

Book – Crossing the Rubicon, by Michael C. Ruppert
Book – The Secret Team, by L. Fletcher Prouty
Book – 9/11 Synthetic Terror, Made in USA, by Webster Griffin Tarpley
Movie – Operation Terror: The 9/11 Story You Are Not Supposed To Know. DVD $20 + $5 Shipping.
Radio – Guns and Butter: KPFA Wednesdays at 1:00pm. Show archives online at kpfa.org.

A Proposal – Gun Legislation

Greetings Representative Polis,

A few associates and I are having a gun conversation; as the entire nation is at this time.  I think there are some valid ideas the might be flushed out in policy creation. The content of this letter is a longer read, so I would like to start with a summary of the main thoughts-

  • Take the Big Government argument out of the equation and provide a competing lobby to the NRA.
  • Set some standards and requirements in gun ownership,
  • Identify ways to have peers take the keys away from the “drunk drivers” (mentally unfit),
  • Include a base cost lf gun ownership and incrementally increase the Expense Vs. Risk equation.

An obvious comparison of guns to other objects of danger often arises, and I think automobile analogies are best in this conversation, where it is a dangerous object causing many deaths each year. Additionally it is a good comparator because as a nation we have constructive conversations about auto policy and public duty in an atmosphere largely devoid of partisan positioning, as opposed to any discussion of guns.

I also think it is fair to complain that it is not the object that kills but the operator, and that mental fitness is the core element of responsible operation of either guns or vehicles.

The debate is most certainly about mental health, the cause is not the gun, but it is also about population density and in a sense… opportunity. We live in a world that is so connected virtually and so disconnected emotionally/physically. One example of school tragedies in China is a fine example of a similar terror, certainly effective horror in that school children are defenseless against insanity… but the analogy stops there as this could not happen in a movie theatre.  After 911 I think our entire nation is willing to jump on top of one man with a knife to save the rest. In any case, what we have a nation of Monday morning DB’s and those with guns saying the equivalent of “I wish that happened to me” (see http://www.jokebuddha.com/joke/Southern_Justice).

So let’s not be so black and white and hyperbolic in our argument- we don’t need to say yes/no to guns.  Management however is not easy- mental health is not clear, it is not even really understood, more over it requires continuous contact and feedback to monitor.  When associated with potential mass violence it is simply not feasible given the number of guns and owners… mental health is not as discrete and manageable as objects with serial numbers and manufacturing dates.

There is an expense our society is paying by allowing a virtually unregulated gun trade and it should not be paid by all of the citizens of the country; it should not be paid in the terms of unaccountability to those who loose loved ones; it should not be paid at the stress and expense of our protection officers. We have evidence that the weapons industry is not self regulating, that the nation has disparate systems undermined by a myriad of policy, enforcement, and funding… obstructions and it is time to make some cohesion in the way we manage all of these issues.

The 2nd amendment is an argument that comes up. There is always interpretation and how that interpretation is set depends upon the conditions and time for which you live. Our forefathers created a document with as much divine influence as they could muster.  In a contentious argumentative environment they came up with a work to be admired 200+ years later (Not Bad!). How could they conceive that neighbors would not physically talk to each other? How could they conceive that the publicly available musket could be modified to fire 1000 rounds a minute of armor piercing, projectile tumbling/flesh exploding- bullets?

2nd amendment- Well regulated militias: If a group of enthusiasts want to get together, practice defense against tyrants and blow stuff-up ROCK-ON! Can I come for a weekend?

·         How else can we get people to understand and respect the equipment they are using but by having a group of serious and experienced people inculcate a proper weapons mystique to the newbie’s (insert respect + favorite child hunting story here!  But lets not confuse this with the need to take an AR-15 deer hunting this weapon is not designed to preserve the maximum edible flesh). Socialization is a critical aspect of developing moral bearings in life and it is a powerful on the ground perspective when individuals are getting out of line.

·         The public at large is not well regulated sets of militias!

·         There needs to be a PR effort that gets individuals to recognize that no militia group is going to resist the tyranny of the government in any practical way that does not include defection of the army or support of a foreign power (ex. Egypt, Libya Vs. Syria). . The system of militias cannot be allowed to support armed subversive groups of HATE!. Not prejudism, secession, anti-tax (Whiskey Rebellion), wacko Waco Texas stuff. Sure that is impossible to prevent stuff like that from starting, just like it is impossible for people with strong opinions from building coalitions in churches and mosques, but there may be a need to “disband” such a militia (ex. in Michigan). Also there are environmental and safety concerns which need to be addressed- what is done on private property (blowing up tanks of fuel etc.) causes damage to the water air and wildlife, which others enjoy. We are one nation under god and as such we have a duty to all citizens.

-2nd amendment- Keep and Bare arms: To Keep- means to own. I keep my car in a garage; I keep my family heirloom diamond in bank safety deposit box. Keep does not mean that a citizen must have to have immediate access to a weapon capable of “taking-out” multiple targets at distance.

o       Also, I really don’t care about the definition or type of weapon if, we are managing “opportunity” for damage in the right way. There is nothing in the text that says citizens do not need to have licenses for different types of ammunition or “Arms”… we restrict explosives based on such a system we could do the same with ammunition. There is nothing in the text that says weapons cannot be securely stored in a way that would prevent you from access when in an unfit frame of mind. i.e. at your militia headquarters or gun range.  I contrary to many “Old West” stories many municipalities required cowboys to check their guns at the edge of town. Rural environments need secure storage as well maybe not a gun bank but building up a cache is not really protecting stock from coyotes and wolves.

·         To Bare- To use in a functional way, to use against a threat or enemy- Join a militia as noted above! This does not mean that a citizen has the right to bare arms at any and all times to keep said “Arms” under their pillow. In the army are your weapons with you in the barracks? Weapons must be secure and accounted for at all times!

In general there is a now and then aspect to any policy, some ideas discussed:

  1. Insurance on each gun- insuring that the weapon would not be used in ways that endanger the public. This pays punitive damage claims and weapon related legal fees minimum deductible 1,000- gun owners still need to have some responsibility in the bad judgment game.(Some might call this a tax regulated through private industry- but at least there is a clear service provided)
    1. It prices risk considering potential damage against experience security of and access to guns- go ahead, get a concealed weapons permit, own an AR-15 or something bigger. (more guns more expense, more public risk, more expense, no insurance no gun)
    2. Such a requirement provides not only a motivation for a duty of care but;
    3. funds for restitution and improved psych services, and
    4. includes lapses in insurance such and/or loss of weapon in such cases there is a funding mechanism for collection. (perhaps another private industry opportunity, or reward for guns that go missing, reducing the number available to criminals).
    5. This also solves the technical issues of registration and database maintenance, (Again something that all citizens need not pay, but a duty on those who take pleasure in gun ownership).

The government is not in the micro factor risk analysis game, and it should not be their duty.

  1. Reduced home storage of weapons socially encourage local militias gun clubs and ranges to get into the security and warehousing business.  Set limits on the types and number of weapons, amount of ammo allowed in unsecured areas.  Some weapons are only allowed to be kept and used in designated areas (race cars are not allowed on the streets, racing fuel is dispensed in restricted areas or to authorized users). (this idea is probably the most problematic but when tied to insurance cost of home storage it might be plausible)
    1. I don’t trust all citizens’ mental states, at all times, so those weapons and ammunition do not need to be immediately accessible.
    2. Militias, Ranges and Gun Clubs can get into the business of Gun Banking. A nongovernment set of eyes to appraise mental state of owners, hopefully in a personal and friendship level of connection
  2. Attendance in gun events… not lame safety demonstrations… Live fire hands on use of weapons with colleagues and professionals, building comradery, appreciation, professionalism and a sharing of best management practices. You are required to attend a number of gun events per year

So summary repeated-

  1. Take the Big Government argument out of the equation and provide a competing lobby to the NRA.
  2. Set some standards and requirements in gun ownership, identify ways to have peers take the keys away from the “drunk drivers” (mentally unfit)
  3. Include a base cost lf gun ownership and incrementally increase the expense Vs. risk equation.

Gun collection is a cool hobby but it carries and much heavier responsibility than stamp collecting this has not been priced into the market. Personally I think insurance is the ruin of our nation but it is a mechanism which can induce logical regulation of behavior without more police.

In closing, the nation has disparate systems undermined by a myriad of policy, enforcement, and funding obstructions and it is time to make some cohesion in the way we manage all of these issues.  We need you to put forward ideas that take tangents away from the vitriolic cannons repeated by entrenched constituents.  It is time to set a clear strategy rather than tactical solutions.

It is time to disarm the anger consuming our national conversation (guns, taxes, religion) and feel safe having a discussion about the issues facing our people.

At home I can set the tone and tenor of a chat but I look to you in creating a similar environment where we can make the best policy for all and our future as a nation.

With respect,


Global Allegiance

Putting this in the perspective of the “cult of personality”, there are those that still hang by the idea that they are “Mac People” and proud of it, (more than they are American, German, etc…) proving the futurist right by a certain perspective. However, the deterioration of employee and customer loyalty in recent years (in part due, to a basic insecurity that certain companies may even continue to exist… thanks Lehman) leaves, China!

Recently I applied for a position as project and operations manger for an electric car startup company manufacturing in S.E. Asia. Since a friend knew of my interest he forwarded an article about industrial espionage, indicating that top management of Renault were selling the program details for their electric car to the Chinese


One futurist I read a while back indicated that people would stop identifying themselves with a country and change to identification with corporation or a brand…  And in that perspective It has been interesting to watch the growth and demise of some brands. I will take Sony as an example; once it could stand “toe to toe” with apple and for anybody techie would say Sony is a better engineered product… with the advent of “China” it is hard to see that there is really a technological advantage to the brand any longer. Betting on Blueray when streaming and cloud computing has already proven an advantage toward storage needs of the future.  Maybe the cloud will not win due to security and ownership issues but the advantage of Blueray over traditional DVD’s is a bit analogous to Beta over VHS… both dead tech.  This is opposed to Apple; who has soared- not due to its tech but from styling and human interface… they have really let the suppliers own the tech, because it was an area they frankly never dominated (we can talk about channel management and if going mainstream will destroy their niche another time),.

Putting this in the perspective of the “cult of personality”, there are those that still hang by the idea that they are “Mac People” and proud of it, (more than they are American, German, etc…) proving the futurist right by a certain perspective.  However, the deterioration of employee and customer loyalty in recent years (in part due, to a basic insecurity that certain companies may even continue to exist… thanks Lehman) leaves, China!

Is it a country?

Is it a brand?

Is it an ideal??

Where the USA was “The Land of Opportunity” lead by the belief that the next generation would be better off than the last… we are feeling a tarnish to our optimism (perhaps the source of such internal bitterness).  This optimism has moved to the developing world- India, Vietnam, you name it, but non greater than China!

Driven by determination to not be second to any one– this is different than Nixon or Bill Belichick (Coach of the New England Patriots authorized videotaping his opponents play strategy) who cheated even when they held a winning positions.  This is an entire nation that believes they are the underdogs who are destined for the top once again, that they deserve any advantage they can get and do not value any individual or company above the system… From this, they backup their belief and take a “What are you going to do about it” stance.

SO.. Shame on Matthieu Tenenbaum and on the other top mangers involved in this Renault scandal… you have proven once again that corporate heads cannot be trusted to watch out for any one but themselves; not their brand, not their country, not the “ever vaulted” shareholder, not even their fellow employees who count on these managers commitment for survival…

But, how about China?  Yet another example of duplicitous teamwork to enhance capability of a nation?  Sure some individuals will profit from the advancements but there is an ethos at work- “What is good for China is good for Chinese”.  It seems to be the most clear allegiance’s left in the world.

The difference between the left wing nut job movement and the right wing nut job movement in the USA

Upon reading the above editorial and seeing the comments
“When is America gonna wake up and stop believing the people that are trying to control us with lies and misdirection!”
“It will never happen. The right wing nut jobs will always believe their own over the truth.”
I started to contrast the power of the conservative movement in the states against the seemingly ineffective efforts of the liberal initiatives.

A post on Facebook regarding a NY Times Op-ed article (Building a Nation of Know-Nothings http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/08/25/building-a-nation-of-know-nothings/) inspired me to comment… that comment became involved and I thought I would share.

I currently reside in one of the heaviest liberal areas of the US, within this area I live in a small mountain village of poets, anarchists, and libertarians.  People who either were escaping the confines of organized society or just could not fit in.  The people of this enclave cultivate an atmosphere of abrasiveness toward outsiders and authority which has allowed them a great deal of autonomy.

Upon reading the above editorial and seeing the comments

“When is America gonna wake up and stop believing the people that are trying to control us with lies and misdirection!”

“It will never happen. The right wing nut jobs will always believe their own over the truth.”

I started to contrast the power of the conservative movement in the states against the seemingly ineffective efforts of the liberal initiatives.

9/11 has allowed savvy political players, to bring together groups once distant. Examples include, tax abolitionists, survivalist militias, and the “Moral Majority” a vocal minority movement once responsible for condemning music lyrics and publicly shaming people who wear revealing clothing or imbibe alcohol.

The difference between the left wing nut job movement and the right wing nut job movement in the USA is… “Organization”…

  1. A cohesive and consistent message in the form of a nationally entrenched broadcast network FOX news with gifted talking heads (they are gifted… as other international leaders were gifted in inciting the masses with generally bad information)
  2. The white washing of “sins” or disingenuous motives in the form of religious support, (there is a reason the for fathers fought so hard to separate Church and State)
  3. The illusion of credibility in the form of support of a major political body,
  4. The illusion of Patriotism in the form of jingoistic language.
  5. and maybe…Access to guns

The tools of the right wing political machine are:

  1. God, Motherhood, and Country
  2. Anger, incredulity, victim-hood/fear and martyrdom
  3. Misdirection (ex. http://www.cnn.com/2010/OPINION/08/26/bunch.beck.history/index.html) and a disassociation of/with responsibility (the never apologize credo)
  4. Distill complicated and difficult issues as black/white moral sound bytes
  5. Use of the media, direct aggression to unsympathetic reporting and money and support to those that do

The tools of the left are:

  1. Planet Earth, Environment, and personal expression
  2. Passive aggressive responses toward aggression
  3. Signature and petition campaigns
  4. Disillusion with all things corporate and or military
  5. Balanced and intellectual responses
  6. Satirical Humor (In my opinion the most effective voice of the “left” is John Stewart and the “Daily Show” an fake news program on the comedy channel)

The scary thing about the conservative movement has been the ability to get members to act against personal morals and convictions for the party cause… and even more so… to instill the belief that their elite members are not accountable to behaviors against their own moral codes because A, they are acting for the good of the nation, B. they can attribute any of their own faults to those of their “enemy” or C. they were chosen by a higher power.

Is it a conspiracy?… if you call architects, planners and managers conspirators the answer is “yes” but there is nothing hidden about the agenda and tactics.

Unfortunately, the whole system leaves such a bad taste in concept that the natural reaction is to turn off such drivel, and walk away.  But how can a sentient being walk away from this disturbing momentum. The only opposition (Democrats- once the party of disorganized humanist/socialist/environmentalist idealists) has been given support in reaction to the ridiculous campaigns but, (even by adopting some reprehensible tools of the neo-con movement) has appeared amateurish and ineffectual.

I have been called a “Stupid American” by a “Stupid European”, who only saw me sitting on a train, but in my global travels I have never felt more shame and less power in my ability to defend my country’s honor since this movement began to rise… In my travels my opinion is that the majority of the world is actually hoping for a strong America, they have hope for Obama, they hope he will restore our status and global leadership.

We have been the nation of “Hope”, of personal sacrifice leading to personal/family elevation; it would be a shame if we had to relinquish this crown and actually became the nation of “Know-Nothings” who “Did Nothing”.

10 Observations

1. Wall Street is rigged in favour of the elite. They are already on the inside, in the know, in position before things happen. The public in general only gets a few crumbs, or are left holding the bag.

2. The Bilderberg Group / Trilateral Commission / Council on Foreign Relations: 3 non government, non public think tanks, are calling the shots around the world. The Project for the New American Century ( PNAC ) was the overt, neo-conservative think tank, during the Bush II administration. How they call themselves conservative, by killing people, is beyond me.

3. Lee Harvey Oswald was a CIA asset, and was used.

4. The CIA and the military industrial media complex, set JFK up, executed the plan, and covered it up.

5. The Vietnam war, was a huge CIA operation. That helps explain JFK’s assassination even more, because he wanted to pull out of Vietnam.

6. If you were Iran, sitting on the 5th largest hydrocarbon reserves on the globe, with oil depletion upon the world, surrounded by the imperialistic United States ( who uses 24% of the worlds hydrocarbons ) in Iraq & Afghanistan, wouldn’t you want a bomb too? You don’t just march into countries, that have the bomb. Just remember, if someone invades, later preaching democracy, that Iran had a democracy forming in 1953, before the CIA Coup.

7. Iran is also painted as the bad guy, because they are selling petro products in currencies, other than the dollar. They plan to start selling crude oil the same way, at a later time. If this spreads, other countries will dump the dollar, making it worthless Did you know that Saddam and Iraq did the same thing in 2000?

8. The Joint Chief of Staff reports that spare oil capacity can disappear in 2 years, and sever oil shortages can appear within 5 years. Translation: They are waiting for the time when the worlds largest oil field in Saudi Arabia, Al-Ghawar, collapses. It’s over produced, and currently produces 5 million of Saudi Arabia’s 10 million barrels of oil, per day.

9. Osama Bin Laden is the biggest carrot on a stick, that has ever been seen in history. The American public is the horse, that is following.

10. Obama has been flipped, by the military industrial media complex. He will be leaving 50,000 non combatant troops, on 14 permanent military bases in Iraq. Also the US will have the worlds largest foreign embassy ever built. This is called an occupation. Still no weapons of mass destruction.

Chaos is coming to a town near you.

For those of you who didn’t catch my previous post, I am providing a link, so you will understand oil depletion ( peak oil ):  http://globalcitizenblog.com/?p=1461

One of my favourite books of all time is called “Into the Buzzsaw: Leading Journalists Expose the Myth of a Free Press”. This one book, is a group of articles from journalists who had their works bashed, ridiculed, and/or suppressed, all in the name of pleasing higher up powers. These “powers” stood to lose money and/or influence, if these stories where popularized/published. Reading this book changed the way I saw life, and the world I live in. The bibliography for the stories, has led me to other books and their stories. One of them being “Crossing the Rubicon”. After all of the reading I have done, leading up to this book, and only having read the first 219 pages, I am convinced that 9/11 was an inside job. But this is not the subject of this blog post. The reason I bring it up, is because a small group of powerful people had an agenda, and despite the numerous warnings, let the actions occur. I am not going to argue with people here, over that statement. Just read the book, and then come running your mouth.

Over time, I noticed that I keep preaching oil depletion ( even after some saw gas prices near $5.00 per gallon [ ouch!!! ] ), but the public in general doesn’t seem to care. Let me state this clearly, “OIL IS AN EFFFING FINITE RESOURCE. AND IT WON’T LAST FOREVER.” I think there are three main reasons, that the general public doesn’t care. 1) Oil/Gas prices came down because of oil induced recession, 2) The government isn’t telling the public about peak oil, & 3) The mainstream media is not talking about peak oil.

Now point #1 is a boom to bust cycle. As Oil/Gas prices went up ( which is the backbone commodity of the industrialized world [ Don’t believe me? Just research how much oil is a part of the modern life. ] ), until the public said “Uncle”, and couldn’t take any more. The public had to reduce their spending on other things in life ( Including those sub-prime mortgages, which also were resetting to higher rates. Sub-prime just made this whole thing happen a lot faster ). With lesser demand, Oil/Gas prices went down. The public may think that lower prices is the norm, but it won’t last. As oil depletes more, and demand catches up, we will be right back to higher prices.

With this boom to bust cycle going on, somebody is going to get very rich off of the boom, and somebody is going to get very poor from both the boom and the bust. Which leads me to point #2. Why isn’t the government informing the public about what is really happening? For anybody who may say that they are informing us, because they are talking about alternative energy, I say that that’s a whole lot of BS. The infrastructure just isn’t there, and we are at the peak NOW! We are already looking into the abyss. This leads me to believe that somebody wants this event to occur, leaving most of the public with their pants down ( now you know why I talked about 9/11 earlier ). Somebody stands to gain a boatload off of higher Oil/Gas prices, and later the public in general stands to lose a lot more than just money. The public stands to lose more of their freedom, due to the riots that I predict will follow. It’s one thing to have to shell out more money for gas, but it will be a totally different ballgame, when oil depletion starts to effect the food supply. Some would say, I will just pay more. Well, you can’t pay more, for what is not there.

Issue #3 has to do with 90% of the mainstream media in the USA, being owned by 5 conglomerates, who are in turn, controlled by their big business advertisers. They don’t go around biting the hand, that feeds them. Big business has done a very good job, of keeping us dependent. They are not about to give that up, without a fight to the grave. The more chaos that the public has, the less organized they will be, and the more dependent they will become. The way I see it, it’s just another step towards the corporations ruling the world. Sooner or later, only Fortune 500 votes will elect, who is in charge.

There has to be more reasons for letting the event happen, without a true warning. I am open to your replies. Please submit. Maybe in the next few days, I will come up with other reasons, but I have another related global story that I am preparing, which I feel is even bigger.

Saigon: Foreigner Motorbike Accident

I had motorbike accident in late May that had me examining my faith in that inner voice. Let me start by saying that I have been living in HCMC Vietnam for the last 3 years and was forced to close my company 4 months before.

It will be OK!

By: Axel Marrocco

I am not sure it matters what philosophy or spiritual path you take; some times no matter what trouble you are in; an inner voice that tells you “it will be OK”.  In my existence I have had more than my share of those experiences, however, whether you are willing to actually believe that voice depends on things like: extent of trouble/injury, distance from help, ability to communicate, tolerance for chaos, emotional age (I might say maturity but as commonly defined; maturity has too many interpretations).

I had motorbike accident in late May that had me examining my faith in that inner voice.  Let me start by saying that I have been living in HCMC Vietnam for the last 3 years and was forced to close my company 4 months before. So, with cash reserves depleted and no insurance I was looking down at my flopping leg with both bones broken and a bit of blood seeping through my pants where the bone went through the skin and thought “It will be ok”, get the keys from the motor bike so no one steals it and… call for help.

Like an “agony of defeat” sports video, I didn’t even realize I had a broken leg after the accident until I got up to yell at the bastard who caused the accident (after all he was wrong, I was angry and it wasn’t even that big of a crash)… that is probably when the bone actually broke my skin and I fell down immediately.  Dragging myself to the side of the road, hands shaking so bad that I was having trouble dialing my phone and not having enough understanding of the local language to describe my situation… A situation analysis and possible outcomes were screaming through my head—working hard to drown out that inner voice.  I was able to contact my wife and a good friend and I calmed down. The police arrived parting the sea of bystanders who surrounded me to gawk and click their tongues in disapproval. After verifying my identity I was released for a very painful taxi ride to the local orthopedic hospital.

The Vietnamese surgery turned out much better than one would expect.  For them, it was nothing unusual… like going out for a coffee… “ho hum”… open compound fracture, bone through the skin… “so boring…” (After all, they are dealing with broken bone motor bike accidents 24/365) The operatory theater was very clean and professional utilizing an MRI or CT Scan to install the new hardware in my leg, and now… I have a bionic leg,

No Cast!.. I was up and moving around with the Dr. telling me to walk on it w/o crutches, SOME, in only 2.5 weeks!!! It still hurt, a bit, and I needed to rest often to keep the swelling down—A 100 years ago they would have just cut it off to avoid septicemia.

OK, “Big Picture”- before and after surgery was a bit dodgy, but I can’t help from feeling lucky

Before-surgery-  The Emergency room was loaded, groaning moaning gurneys lined up like boats in slips at a summer marina. Family members, scurrying in/out of the triage and the nurse- a military sergeant berating at everyone who had gotten by her.

Truth is,  I was delayed from surgery for 5 hours because my wife could not get in to see me and the hospital was looking for her to sign some documents.  PLUS NO ONE GAVE ME ANY PAIN MEDICATION!!!

After-surgery… No rooms available and similar to my Brazilian Cobra Bite experience (another “it will be OK” experience) I was put in the hallway. but more shockingly (unlike, a USA hospital where nurses attend to the needs of patients) in a Vietnamese hospital the family cares for all of the human requirements (don’t make me describe) while the nurse only takes care of the medical issues (cleaning wounds administering meds)… So the hallway looked like a post Katrina shelter, with people sleeping on-top of filing cabinets, on the floor, every where, and even under my gurney.

As crazy as that was it was better than the room they moved me into the next day. At least in the hallway, I was under a fan so there was some “fresher” air and the droning of fan bearings going bad covered many of the background noises.

The room, on the other hand, was shared with 5 other patients (families)… the air- stiflingly hot, filled with farting, snoring, arguments, moaning, and the smell of local foods.  Foods, which I still do not understand how humans ever figured out they could eat and survive.  REALLY; how could the Europeans be afraid to eat tomatoes because they though it was the devil fruit, when the Asians eat food they has been aged to the point that harmful bacteria can no longer live in such a caustic soup, think of every story you imagined about the Chinese 100 year egg and substitute fish, shrimp or some other water creature. I guess the counter point is that no harmful bacterial can survive in such a soup and we age our beef.

On the morning of the 3rd day I had not seen a doctor since the operation, I was starting to freakout, when a doctor finally came in and said… “Your are going home today!”.  Just like that… didn’t even look at the leg (I say “a doctor” because I never saw the same doctor twice- not during my hospital experience nor for the follow up visits- six different doctors not one of them holding a file my X-rays or anything that I could tell identified my ailment from the next victim in traction or a cast).

In the end what can I say, besides… “What do you expect for 300 USD!”

After being released from the hospital I called some Western friends and found a clinic for a second opinion… (I am good… they did an excellent job… “physically”)

Anyway, I am still looking for a good theme I can use to tie all of my experiences together… I would like to change my story from another episode of the Jack Ass Show or some other MTV shock comedy show into a better representation of the nuanced and eclectic life I seem to live.

I returned to the States on June 29 for a visit? My wife and child were not able to come with me; Vietnamese Bureaucracy and the Visa Process are killing me, but “It will be OK!”

Oil depletion, a first post.

First a few disclosures, before I get started, because I feel that I will be a regular poster on this blog, and some people need to understand from which direction I am approaching.

Mike is not out to scare you: When I talk about subjects at times, and start pointing to hard facts, people have told me more than once, that I am scaring them. From there, a lot of them start to stick their heads in the sand, in regards to the subject. What I am really trying to do, is to get people to open their eyes, and make them aware. If I can get the public to thinking, so that they will prepare themselves for future events, then I have achieved a goal.

Mike is an investor, not an environmentalist: Years ago, I started investing for current income and retirement. To know what to invest in, requires time, research, and a lot of thinking. Based on what I have discovered, a good amount of my investments are in hydrocarbons ( Note, this is not an endorsement. Invest in whatever wets your whistle. ) The way I speak about hydrocarbons at times, is not always in the best interests of the environment. If that turns you off, please stop reading now, and ignore me forever. I do like a clean environment, but being green, doesn’t always make green.

The industrialized populations of the world, are currently set up for the biggest paradigm shift of their lifetime. Easy to produce petroleum ( oil ) is running out, and the only thing saving us at this moment, is one of the most rotten economies for some of our lives. This event is called “Peak Oil”.

Over time, us humans have built an industrialized society, based on cheap, easy to access oil. This cheap oil, allows us to do many things, that we normally couldn’t do, without a serious amount of effort. We can drive to work in comfort in gasoline powered cars, on petroleum paved roads. In the old days, people had to get up before daylight, in order to walk to work in all types of road and weather conditions. It allows us to fly cheaply, in order to visit people and places around the world, where in old times, long range travel was just a dream for most of the population. This cheap petroleum even allows us to be so lazy ( especially in the USA ), that we can drive three blocks to the corner store, in order to pick up snacks and a six-pack for the night.

Oil is seriously embedded in our food supply, that is set up for mass consumption. Cheap oil is one of the main factors, that allows our food supply to be produced at a decent cost. From the farmer’s diesel powered tractors that plows the fields, plants the seeds, and harvest them when ready, to the petroleum based pesticides and herbicides, and the natural gas based fertilizers. The diesel/jet fuel powered vehicles, that allows these products to be shipped great distances, in order to reach your local market. The petroleum based packaging, that keeps the products fresh. The gasoline that is used by consumers to drive to and from the markets. This example just touches on things grown in a field. The amount of petroleum goes up even higher, when raising livestock is visited.

With the amount of cheap food that is produced, the worlds population has exploded over a short period of time ( think the last 100 years ), creating even more consumption. This greater consumption has been no problem, because up until about 2005, oil has been dirt cheap. In 2005, the world started to experience a phenomenon, called Hubberts Peak, where the amount of oil that can be produced, can not keep up with demand for the product. Marian King Hubbert was a geophysicist working for Shell Oil in 1956, when he predicted through analysis, that oil production in the US lower 48 states would peak in 1970, and then begin to fall steadily and irreversibly. Several others mocked his theory at the time, but when 1970 came around, sure enough, Hubbert was on the money. The only thing that saved the US from this peak, was the importation of foreign oil supplies, with one of those suppliers being Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia has the greatest amount of hydrocarbon reserves in the world. When oil exploration begun in Saudi Arabia, there was so much present, that in order to discover it as the joke goes, all you had to do was jab a stick in the ground. Saudi Arabia is also known as a swing producer, because it is said to have the only excess capacity in the world, to produce more oil in order to keep it cheap. Saudi Arabia is also home to the largest oil field in the world, that is named Al-Ghawar. Al-Ghawar has been in production since 1948, which is an unusual amount of time for an oil field to produce. Saudi Aramco, the oil arm of Saudi Arabia is using every trick in the book, to maintain the pressure in this oil field, in order to keep it producing. This includes injecting sea water and nitrogen gas. A healthy oil field doesn’t need to be injected with substances, in order to produce.

Most of Saudi Arabia’s oil fields, are based on dry land. Between 2004 and 2008, rates for shallow water drilling rigs went from US $30,000 per day, to US $150,000 per day, due to demand from Saudi Arabia. “The only time a crude oil producer goes offshore is when onshore production opportunities have been maximized. Offshore exploration is much more risky and production costs are four to five times higher than onshore.” ( Morgan Downey, “Oil 101” p.24 ) So this suggest that the kings of oil production know that they are facing a big problem. This offshore field that they are developing, goes by the name Manifa. The crude oil in Manifa has big problems. The oil is heavy with vanadium and hydrogen sulphide, making it virtually unusable. Refineries didn’t want it. So if economic activity picks up, and oil demand rises, where will the spare capacity come from? This brings us to the conclusion, that “Happy Meals” are soon to get a whole lot more expensive.

The Labor Market and the Tragedy of Illegal Immigration

This article explains the rational economics of illegal immigration, its implications for an immigration reform, and the future of illegal immigration in the U.S. Its main purpose is to add to the discussion, not to have the last word on the issue. The discussion and conclusions are summarized for space constraints and are based on public information, most of them available online. I believe that most average readers have arrived intuitively to the same conclusions but they do not dare to express them openly, either because they do not have confidence on the accuracy of their conclusions or because they are just too politically correct (I would not dare to assume that it is out of hypocrisy or because of open bigotry).

By Mariano Escobedo, Ph.D.

“No human being is illegal”—–Elie Wiesel, Nobel Peace Prize 1986

This article explains the rational economics of illegal immigration, its implications for an immigration reform, and the future of illegal immigration in the U.S. Its main purpose is to add to the discussion, not to have the last word on the issue. The discussion and conclusions are summarized for space constraints and are based on public information, most of them available online. I believe that most average readers have arrived intuitively to the same conclusions but they do not dare to express them openly, either because they do not have confidence on the accuracy of their conclusions or because they are just too politically correct (I would not dare to assume that it is out of hypocrisy or because of open bigotry).

In a competitive market economy, to stay in business firms need to be cost-efficient. On average, labor accounts for about two-thirds of production costs. Firms who can outsource their manufacturing processes will do so to reduce the cost of labor (outsourcing is not illegal). This is how the U.S. is losing jobs to China. However, firms who cannot outsource the production of goods and services will employ immigrants to reduce labor costs, so they can stay competitive. The alternative available to some firms who cannot outsource nor employ immigrants will be most likely to go out of business. So, thanks to illegal immigration some American firms who cannot outsource can still create jobs in the U.S. and not only for immigrants. As the supply of unskilled labor by immigrants goes up, the market wage rate goes down and American firms can profit from this. Low wages for unskilled labor also helps to keep the inflation rate low and both domestic consumers and businesses benefit from this. Competition between American unskilled workers and immigrants is almost nonexistent, since immigrants usually take the jobs and wages with no benefits that American workers usually do not want. To pursue these meager jobs and wages, illegal immigrants may even fall in the hands of human traffickers and employers in the U.S. who keep them in conditions of slavery. Who may want a job like this?

The market economy is subject to periodic business cycles during which the level of economic activity goes up and down. When the economy is booming, illegal immigrants are not only welcomed by business firms who cannot outsource, but also overlooked by the border authority. The IRS has even designed a Tax Identification Number (TIN) that allows workers who do not have a Social Security Number (SSN) to be hired and taxed. So, contrary to the common belief, illegal immigrants pay income taxes! However, illegal immigrants usually do not seek medical or social services out of fear of being identified and deported to their home countries. Additionally, most illegal immigrants do not file tax returns; as a result, they do not receive tax refunds either. According to the IRS, the Earnings Suspense File (ESF) grows every year at a rate of $39.4 billion in wages with no beneficiaries.

On the other hand, during an economic recession illegal immigrants are the favorite villains and the perfect scapegoats. They are the favorite villains because the high rates of unemployment affecting the economy during a recession and the hardships that this imposes on domestic households creates the perfect climate to put the blame on illegal immigrants for taking the jobs that U.S. citizens did not want to take in the first place. They are the perfect scapegoats because they can be disposed of without previous warning or severance payments. Since officially they do not exist, they cannot complain either. Since they are not like us, nobody would care if they are abused. Since they cannot vote, politicians will get tough on immigration issues to obtain the votes of hard-core, right-wing voters and to divert the attention from the real problems that they have helped to create. This is how illegal immigrants become the recurrent sacrificial victims -welcomed while useful, disposable when convenient-. What a beautiful country! I wonder whether president Obama still believes that “we are better than this”.  Are we?

A main conclusion is that the U.S. economy needs immigrants, but it needs them to be illegal in order to keep wages low. Some may find this point of view outright cynical. However, economic theory and the cold hard facts show that this is how the market system really works, when it does. The root of illegal immigration is the economic incentive created by wage differentials between countries or regions in which the host country (the U.S.) prefers to keep immigration illegal for economic gains. The reason for the heated debate against illegal immigration in the U.S., (two-thirds of those interviewed approved the Arizona Immigration Law, SB 1070) fueled by some members of the media, is only a smoke screen that hides special interest groups, ranging from the firms who directly benefit from illegal immigration and, therefore, have no incentive to fix the problem, to outright racists disguised with legal and economic arguments.

A market solution to the illegal immigration problem is only temporary and lasts as long as the economy is booming, before another recession demands another temporary solution to the same old problem. A more permanent solution to the illegal immigration problem must be political in its nature and involves an immigration reform with a guest worker program that must be human in its nature. It must follow the guidelines of the International Labor Organization (ILO) to prevent the exploitation of women and men who can supply productive work in conditions of freedom, equity, security, and human dignity. The market system by itself cannot provide this solution.