The Republican Clown Train

The American public is tired of the Republican Clown Train (see Rolling Stone article below.) It’s time to go full on Crazy Train people – the ultimate and final destination of American democracy!!! Let’s exercise our full potential people!

Vermin Supreme

The Vermin Supreme

Rolling Stone Article – Inside the GOP Clown Car

God Bless the USA political system!

Ozzy Crazy Train

ISIS, Paris and Facebook

I haven’t been very active with this blog in quite a while except for the occasional post here and there.  It is not as though I do not have time, I’d say it is due more to apathy, laziness and most recently World of Warcraft.

When I was traveling overseas, single and studying languages the world was an exciting place and I was bursting with thoughts I wanted to write about.  But these past few years the motivation to write is on life support due to two young boys, an overdose of information turned entertainment churned out by the media and I’ve had my fill of inane, uninformed comments about world events on the social media.  Over time it seemed much more preferable to spend my time leveling up my Warlock.

What I’d like to focus on in this post is social media and a serious lack of empathy for refugees fleeing war and strife.  It is amazing to see how quickly people can become self centered, jingoist and generally unpleasant depending on the nonsense vomited out by national media.

Then we see people like Petra Laszlo – a Hungarian whore kicking and tripping refugee kids!  She is the Hungarian version of Anne Coulter  two women who – if this was a just world – should be launched into the sea for shark food.  These two represent the worst of humanity and rightly deserve the scorn they receive.

The refugees are human beings and through no fault of their own are simply trying to survive and provide a much better life for their families.  Should anyone be put in their position we would all do the same.

The way refugees are being treated is something that will be looked back upon with shame by humanity.  This type of behavior shows that we really aren’t really better than the animals we are descended from.

Well, as I said my motivation is on life support and I think I’ll end this post now.

Terrorists, Refugees and Love

It has been a very long time since I’ve written a post.  With two young children free time is non-existent and domestic life takes over.

Recent events such as the terrorist attacks in Paris, and frankly, all over the world have been on my mind and I wanted to write something.

On the social media sites one sees opinions of all stripes.  People talk about the refugees as though they are to be feared, and out of fear they get angry and want to shut borders.  There are many arguments in favor of both sides – well written – and it is at this time some guidance is necessary.

I find it is most effective to go to a source that influences most of humanity which is religion and seeing as I’m most familiar with the Christian faith I have a verse ready.

“‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than this.”

If religion isn’t your thing then I’d like to offer a wonderful verse from the Black Eyed Peas.

“But if you only have love for your own race
Then you only leave space to discriminate
And to discriminate only generates hate
And when you hate then you’re bound to get irate, yeah

Madness is what you demonstrate
And that’s exactly how anger works and operates
Man, you gotta have love just to set it straight
Take control of your mind and meditate
Let your soul gravitate to the love, y’all, y’all

There is only one way out of this and that is to love everyone.  To love everyone is something we as human beings have a very hard time doing.  We are worried that that our way of life will change, we worry that violence will ensue in our own borders, we worry that the values we hold dear will be diluted.

None of this drama will end until we learn to love everyone and to turn the other cheek.  Instead, the media and governments always want to attack.  We must ask ourselves how terrorists came to be that way and honestly address it.  Does anyone really want to blow themselves up if they do not think they have been seriously aggrieved?  Would a terrorist” really prefer to blow themselves up instead of raising a family and sending their children to school?

The media fails to address the causes of terrorism and only focuses on the results.  We focus on the details and not the overall solution which has already been provided to us by great prophets/wise men and women.

Love is the solution: if there were more love in the world instead of a quest for money and power we would find peace.  Fighting is not the answer.  Work for justice and peace will follow.  Or as Jesus said, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”  This would solve all problems.

Bring the love back, because the opposite is too tough to bear for any human being.


Visiting Spanish Missions in California

It has been a long while since my last post.  This is directly due to to my second child and I’ve quickly learned that with only one child there is still free time, but with two all personal time no longer exists.  There is no time to read much about history, study more language, ponder the big questions.

There is no time.

But today, I find myself with an hour of freedom and am determined to get this post written.

Here in California I really enjoy visiting the old Spanish Missions whenever I’m traveling and one happens to be close by.   I enjoy all things Spain related as I spent time studying in both Spain and Mexico and became completely enraptured by the culture, history and language that these experiences completely changed the course of my life.  To walk into an ancient church turned mosque reconfigured back into a church in Toledo Spain it is almost as though you can feel the history, like humidity enveloping your body, is truly a mystical experience; if one sits quietly you can almost hear whispers of long dead worshipers and see an ethereal procession of medieval clergy.  

Toledo, Spain

I remember going to the top of the school tower on a warm Spanish night in Toledo and looking over the dimly lit city.  I imagined the gentle breeze brought with it the clanks of armor, the murmur of shouts and thud of thousands of feet of a Moorish army advancing in the distance to my ears.  I was there waiting for them 1000 years later expecting that just maybe our thoughts and emotions may leave an eternal impression in some unperceived reality where time does not exist and perhaps we might sense each other if only for an instant, like the flicker of a firefly.

2th January conquest of Granada
The Conquest of Granada

Through books I was there, when the Templars conquered Granada and I’ve touched the Alhambra.  I followed their descendants from their poor, dirty villages to Cadiz where they embarked on an adventure of exploration never to return home.  I was there in Vera Cruz when the arrived after a long and arduous journey across the Atlantic only to find themselves at the beginning of another; this time over the land of New Spain filled with indigenous inhabitants whose civilization has been laid to waste by countrymen.  

Mission at Carmel

And here I am at the end of their journey, one of the farthest points from Spain, in a wild, dry wilderness that seems to offer nothing but bare, brown hills, an unforgiving perilous ocean and over one thousand ways to die.  I stand at the very spot where they erected the cross in a quest to bring all souls to their God by whatever means necessary.  I know what they did to the Native Americans and see the brutal scars they created upon innocents with their righteous wrath.  I hear the cries of the Indian children as they were taken from their parents and locked away in this house of hell. 

But these images of the past fade and as I look around and see modern people of every race carrying electronic wizardry to capture an exact replica on tiny screens of whatever catches their eye.  I see them arrive in self propelled carriages and realize from their languages they arrived on this very spot from very remote corners of the globe with minimal effort and I am astounded at how advanced humanity has become since the founding of this mission.

father serra-Landing
Leon Trousset Founding Painting

 I see them touching the statues believing they will receive divine power, sprinkling themselves with water in that they will enter a state of grace and making the same signs that the Spanish explorers would have done in the painting on the wall.  I think that for those explorers none of them would have had the opportunity to go to a university and spend many years in the pursuit of nothing but knowledge and learning.  But looking at my fellow visitors I believe at least half would have gone to a university and more than a few became people of science.  Yet here they are, doing as was done over 200 years ago.  

Mission at Carmel

I see them making the religious signs and kneeling to pray to a statue.  For them this is the sacred act of contrition, a gesture which unites them with the creator.  All of this in a place that was built on the slavery and forced servitude of the Native Americans.  They pray to the image and bones of Junipero Serra asking for healing, asking for forgiveness, asking for favors.  What almost every visitor fails to understand is that they kneel also upon the bones of thousands of the Native Americans that were tortured, enslaved and ultimately wiped out by the Spanish and their religion.  They submit themselves to the porcelain figures which presided over an absolute genocide and did not shed a tear.  

I see the Filipinos and the Mexicans prostrate themselves to a religion that invaded their lands, killed their people, ended their ancient civilizations and wonder why the ghosts of their warrior ancestors do not return in a blinding, ghastly rage to smash the idols of the oppressors and to scream and wail among the pews.

Then I realized I’ve completed my tour and go to lunch.  



Vietnam 40 years on: how a communist victory gave way to capitalist corruption | News | The Guardian

The long read: After the military victory, Vietnam’s socialist model began to collapse. Cut off by US-led trade embargos and denied reconstruction aid, it plunged into poverty. Now its economy is booming – but so is inequality and corruption

Source: Vietnam 40 years on: how a communist victory gave way to capitalist corruption | News | The Guardian

Capetian Dynasty


I’ve always been completely fascinated by the Capetian dynasty.  A family whose rule started in 987, dominated for five centuries and still has royals to this day in Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg and on the throne with King Felipe VI of Spain. 

In the USA, when royalty is mentioned it is something that belongs in the past, that isn’t a part of modern times.  Yet, just a quick look around the world and royalty is not dead, it still holds sway and power in many parts of the world!  

It is very interesting to see that Princess Cristina of Spain, also of the Capetian line is now on trial for tax evasion along with her husband.  Apparently the masses and hordes of unwashed have finally put royalty in the corner.  How this would simply be unthinkable just a short three hundred years ago!!  How rude and vulgar those Spanish judges must be to question a royal!  Apparently, their small and feeble minds cannot comprehend that royals are a better sort of people and should not be subject to the laws of lesser people.  

Here in the USA we do not have royalty but the same sort of mentality persists.  Instead of royalty one simply needs to be extremely rich or perhaps in politics to rise above and consider oneself over the rude and unclean common folk.  It is quite apparent in the attitudes and behaviors of those that drive BMW cars here in California.  It is as if once one purchases a BMW a dark spell washes over them and they become a dark one.  

And this is not just my opinion.  The San Francisco Chronicle was kind enough to write an article on the subject.  

Is there a correlation between wealth and behavior?

I’ve gotten off track.  I’m still captivated by the Capetian dynasty and am looking forward to learning more about them, even if I’m a small minded peasant.  

The Interview movie

Just finished watching The Interview as as usual for this blog I won’t be rehashing the same themes splashed all over current news.

In short I did laugh at a few parts but on the overall found it just the same old crude high school humor fart joke type of movie that Hollywood continues to spew out.  Say something about boners, maybe even show a boner, try to be even raunchier than the previous movies, yes, this is American exceptionalism at its best.  

I don’t see why the DPRK should feel threatened since it is movies like this that show exactly how decadent America has become.  They could turn it around and use it as propaganda!  

Now, what really stood out for me was their mentioning of SEAL Team Six.  Mentioning this team is a testament to American’s severe case of attention deficit disorder and extremely short memory.  The fact is that the famous members of SEAL Team Six are all dead except (as far as I know) the one who wrote a tell all memoir Matt Bissonnette.  And there was even a line in the movie where the protagonist tells the CIA he will make a tell all memoir!

To mention this team where the members are mostly dead in a movie whose main assets are dick jokes seems extremely disrespectful.  It is as though there are absolutely no boundaries left when it comes to American “entertainment.”  

And furthermore, the story of these dead SEALS has become one of the fastest non-stories I can think of in my life.  One minute they are the most celebrated guys in the USA and the next minute they are dead with barely a whisper in the news.  Check out this news article: Families suspect SEAL Team 6 crash was inside job…

I’m not one for conspiracy theories but there are just so many incidents these days that don’t add up and oh look, there is a picture of a cat! 


That is what the internet and media have come to.  A massive amount of stupid information aimed at the masses.  In Internet terms the entire internet and media consuming public is getting DDoS’d on a 24 hour basis with packets of junk.  It is simply impossible to maintain a connection and concentrate on what is actually important. 

On a side note I think I’m the only one I know of who has actually received a post card from North Korea.  One of my old classmates was going there as part of a cultural/academic exchange and I donated a few dollars to be used to donate school supplies to the North Korean school children.  They sent me a postcard straight from Pyongyang which I think is pretty cool. 


The difficulty with truth in public – Ferguson

Another very long dry spell with no posts!  The reason is simply that I now have two kids instead of one.  With one kid you’re still afforded a modicum of free time, yet with two, the concept of 100% individual free time no longer exists. 

Today I read an article in the New Yorker regarding the nomination of Samantha Power.  As usual when seeking public office she had to disavow things she had said in the past which would hurt her chances of getting nominated.  This really struck a chord with me as a fine example of how we really cannot express our true thoughts and opinions in public space, especially in a world where everything is increasingly being recorded.  The pressure to conform, to self filter and to keep quiet has become great even for those not seeking public office.  

As for me, I created this blog to be able to express my own opinions and thoughts without reservation.  Perhaps another reason I haven’t posted in a long while is that I too am self filtering, afraid to jump into the pool and create waves.  Perhaps it is because I’m getting older and cautiousness is a side effect of getting older.  

Fortunately, I do have a principle to help me find my way back and that is to always be true to myself and my own ideas, no matter what other people think.  Those that retract their ideas, or modify them in a way to be more acceptable to the masses do so because they want something, there is something to be gained by changing their views.  As for me, I have nothing to gain and there is nothing I want except to express my views.  It may seem absurd to some but one of my main role models is Don Quixote.  He may seem crazy to everyone else but he is not afraid to live a life the way he believes to be best and express his own views.  When we boil it all down he just wants to make the world a better place and I think in such a decadent culture that we have now we could use a little Don Quixote.  

Therefore, I too have decided to do something a little risky and that is to comment on Ferguson and the overall uproar regarding what appears to be a race issue.  I also plan to be very brief.  After all, I just want to record my own thoughts, there is no sense in trying to convince anyone as opinions in this are pretty much set in stone.  

My personal opinion is that if a cop tells you to do something you do it.  You don’t shout, fight back, run or do anything else, you do what the cop says.  When you don’t do what the cop says you’re inviting trouble.  

In both cases that currently have the country in an uproar the victim did not do what the police told them to do and bad things happened.  

Yes, they did not deserve to die and there certainly could have been better ways of handling the situations.  However, if a person with a gun tells me to do something chances are I probably won’t be fighting back unless the situation was dire.  Cops are human beings and although highly trained may react in slightly different ways, especially when under pressure.  And cops are under pressure a LOT since they have to constantly deal with the scum of society.  

What is also not being discussed is the extremely high crime rate of African American males.  It just follows that the cops are going to interact with African Americans and thus the probably of bad incidents occurring is therefore higher.  To put this in glaring perspective, when was the last time there was an uproar about a cop shooting an Asian and then all the Asians rioted?  There wasn’t.  

But being someone who really tries to understand the other side I really try to understand the anger and to be honest, I’m not able to understand it since I’m not African American.  So I asked my longtime friend from childhood who is both African American and a cop.  

His response, unsurprisingly was that there must be personal responsibility.  When a cop tells you to do something you do it.  

Being my usual liberal self I argued that due to the injustices of the past the African American community has certain problems that other racial groups do not face.  I quoted a highly respected black professor (forget name, university) who said that the struggles continue because black people really have only been regarded as “people” in the USA since the late 1960s.  When they were slaves they were not people at all, then after slavery an inferior people, then with MLK finally became full people.  Yet since there have only been 40-50 years of being “full people” there is a lot of catching up to do and problems.  

Well, my buddy didn’t buy it.  He asked me “What color and I.”  I responded “Is this a trick question?”  He then went back to personal responsibility.  If people are not held accountable for their actions then society will not function.  In this case, do not fight the cops because without the cops many, many neighborhoods all across the nation would turn into war zones and anyone who denies this is dreaming.  

And as for personal responsibility, when we are angry at the system the worst response is to burn down and attack our own neighborhoods.  That response only makes things worse as businesses, jobs and upstanding people will want to move away.  Peaceful protests have been shown to work but what am I seeing on the news in Berkeley and Oakland?  I’m seeing thugs attacking people and looting.  

Personal responsibility – get some.  


Proof of Human Evolution

It has occurred to me that the proof for human evolution is right in front of our eyes.  


One of my favorite places to think is in the sauna at my gym.  The endorphins from the exercise have saturated my brain so I’m naturally high, and the heat makes me quickly relax as the sweat pours out of me.  It is at this transition between a hard, intensive workout and deep relaxation that wonderful insights will often present themselves.    

This gym has its amenities that include not only the sauna, but a pool, Jacuzzi and steam bath as well so it is quite popular with a very diverse group of people.  It also happens to be located very close to San Francisco one of the most diverse places on the planet.  Young, old, fat, thin, Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Persian, Spanish speakers, French speakers, there is no limit on the diversity found there.  It is a veritable Galapagos of human specimen contained on three levels and 55,000 square feet.  

Now in order for living and irrefutable proof of human evolution one must simply do the following.

Go into the men’s locker room at my gym and open your eyes.

Boom!  There before you, is living walking proof of evolution while it dries itself off, applies deodorant, takes a dump and combs its hair.  

Not to be rude and trying to be as genteel as I can, the best evidence lies in the last noun of the previous sentence.  Hair.  

When you enter a locker room with an incredibly diverse array of men you will see hair, and a lot of it.  Hair will be in places it shouldn’t be, like on the tops of feet.  There will often be more hair running down the back than on the tops of heads!  Sometimes the hair is so plentiful on the torso it is as though they might be wearing a very poorly knitted sweater! 


The image of man we most commonly see before us in a gym locker room (or any changing area for that matter) could not be farther from the more classical male portrayal best represented Michelangelo’s David.  If one had never seen the nude male form before, was first shown a picture of David, then an image of one of the hairier specimens from my gym’s locker room, they could easily be forgiven for not believing the two examples are representations of the same species.  

The battlefield for this debate on evolution lies in the classroom.  There are monumentous debates among the states as to how the history and scientific books should be worded in regards to evolution vs other ‘theories.’  But just as Darwin emerged from his study and traveled afar for proof of his idea, our young people too engage in ‘field trips’ to further solidify and provide actual proof of what they have learned.  

As my gym locker room is a paradise of living, breathing scientific proof, yet undiscovered by the academic community I propose we arrange ‘field trips’ for the most mature of our young scholars.  What they will see is indeed shocking, but true science isn’t for the faint of heart!  Just march those wide eyed students right on through the middle from the door to the shower and back out again.  Let them pause to scribble down a few notes, snap a couple of pictures and gather undeniable evidence for consumption by the outside world.  Let the realization that we are indeed descended from the apes sink in right before their own eyes in all its musty, odoriferous and fuzzy glory!

 tourbusA revolution is at hand my friends.  It should have occurred a century ago at the Galapagos islands but nobody lives near the Galapagos islands so how could we be absolutely sure this wasn’t some anti-religious plot to confuse the faithful?  Well friends, my gym is in Daly City near San Francisco.  And San Francisco is a place everyone wants to visit if they haven’t already.  Perhaps in addition to field trips we could also make my gym’s locker room a stop on the big bus open top tour line!  Surely then everyone would then see for themselves and the case for evolution will disseminate far and wide as they return to their home countries!   

 Science is so exciting especially when new discoveries are made that completely overturn long held beliefs!  

A revolution indeed!  

A Divine Thought

As I ate lunch today I was thinking about what ‘God’ may say to us should he manifest himself and look around.  

I think he might wonder how human beings have twisted their thinking so much that they believe it God’s will to kill other human beings and to do it in God’s name!  

For the religious person, God created everything so what would give a person the right to kill another of God’s own creations?  In the eyes of a supreme being wouldn’t this be the height of arrogance?  And furthermore, the religious books are quite specific when they say “Thou shalt not kill.”  I mean it is only one sentence and short sentence at that!  It would be rather hard to analyze this sentence and the four words that comprise it to arrive at an interpretation that means the opposite!  

Yet, the three majors, Christians, Muslims and Jews simply cannot get the most important commandment through their collective heads!  

If the religions could not do this correctly then why should anyone pay even a moments attention to all the other nonsense they’ve spewn forth throughout the ages?  

Finally, this thought just suddenly entered my head.  I believe it might actually be a miracle because I was eating pizza and thinking about painting when this thought suddenly barged in and implored me to write it down!  By God this might have been a mystical experience, a vision such as the Saints have had in the days of old!  

Perhaps God has revealed his will through me!  

He says:

“Let’s start over; the only commandment shall be; Thou shalt not kill.  That’s it, once you can get that right we can worry about all the other stuff.  Just concentrate on that and in your services to me, just repeat it for 45 minutes.  You can sing it, mumble it, give a homily about it, but only repeat this over and over, nothing else.  When the call to prayer echos over the rooftops say nothing else but that.  Jews – what you call Kavanah, just put those four words in the center of it, nothing else.”

Very clear direction there.  Unfortunately given humanities track record I would imagine the following will happen:

  • They will forget it in the next 5 minutes
  • They will find a way to interpret it with the opposite meaning
  • By some miracle the killing will stop, but then people will be imprisoned, or perhaps tourtured, or perhaps interrogated by enhanced methods if they happen to be in the USA.   

Then we will have to wait another 3,000 years for God to intervene again.  Or maybe his instructions will come through a vision or mystical experience as it was known in the old days but whose name and definition has changed in modern times and can be found in a copy of Psychiatry Today.