Worth a read: Washington, We Have A Problem

“Despite Obama’s campaign pledge to end the partisan gridlock in Washington—and despite his early and dogged efforts to court congressional Republicans over cocktails at the White House—the G.O.P. has spent most of the period since the inauguration in near lockstep refusal to give the president votes for any of his major initiatives, from the economic-stimulus bill to health-care reform.”

A bit long but a great read – Todd S. Purdum’s piece about a day in the life of the President, complete with insider quotes, the worrying impact and influence of lobbyists and the intense partisanship (especially from the G.O.P) that has continued to define this presidency.

Gives a lot of good food for thought, but also scares the heck out of me… considering all the rhetoric and hate speech going on right now by some of the Republican senators and politicians-waiting-to-be-elected.