I have a problem with nationalism

A note of caution – this is a very personal (and slightly incoherent) rant. It was caused by a casual dinner I had last night with an acquaintance. There I was, absolutely knackered after a week of crazy work, and the last thing I wanted to do was talk about Burma, because well, almost everybody […]

What I read last week:- the dangers of calling it ‘bullying’, what phosphate ban says about tea-party politics and others

It’s not because I’m too arrogant to think people might be interested in what I’m reading, but there are some great reporters/ writers out there and just wanted to share some of their thoughts and stories that have enriched me…America’s Dish Detergent WarsThe author uses the response of some citizens to the government’s attempt to […]

Worth a read: Washington, We Have A Problem

“Despite Obama’s campaign pledge to end the partisan gridlock in Washington—and despite his early and dogged efforts to court congressional Republicans over cocktails at the White House—the G.O.P. has spent most of the period since the inauguration in near lockstep refusal to give the president votes for any of his major initiatives, from the economic-stimulus bill to health-care reform.”

Identity politics and the idea of peace

As a young boy, Nobel laureate Amartya Sen witnessed how identity politics can change human beings and lead to terrible violence when Hindu-Muslim sectarian riots erupted in the mid-1940s in pre-independent India. Sen, an economist and considered one of the great modern thinkers, said “the broad human beings of summer were suddenly transformed through ruthless […]