San Francisco City Life

I have recently become interested in reading about the ordinary (extraordinary) lives of expatriates through their blogs. Daily experiences, joys and frustrations of other major world cities are very fascinating to me which got me thinking. When I lived in Saigon and Tokyo I only blogged when some event left a deep impression be it cultural, political or just an event I had never experienced before

Life in Tokyo vs. Life in Saigon

——Due to it’s popularity, this is a repost of a previous entry. Hopefully soon I’ll think of something interesting to write about ——————- Life in Tokyo vs. Life in Saigon I’m baaack!! Long time without a post here but I felt a little like an outsider since as most of you know I’m taking a […]

Trip to the USA

In my last entry, I was just about to embark on a month long vacation which would take me through Tokyo, to North Carolina, Ohio, back to Tokyo and then finishing in Saigon. I’m now on my last leg of the trip and writing from my hotel in the Tokyo town of Ikebukuro. These holiday […]

A Day in Saigon

The day has finally arrived. Tonight at midnight I’m traveling back to Tokyo, stay a couple days and then back to the USA. So today I have been running many errands and trying to get all those loose ends tied up. However, I’m not sure if the moon is not aligned or some cosmic forces […]

Winds of Change

Last night my good buddy and roommate packed up his stuff and left Vietnam, perhaps not to return. Axel was the guy I discovered Vietnam with as we both had studied in Tokyo together. He left the language program earlier than I, but we kind of understood that we would probably both see each other […]