Global Islam

The terrorists who planted the two bombs on trains in Germany last month have spoken out on what spurred them into action : the drawings of the prophet Mohammed in Jyllandsposten and the death of Zarqawi, evil mastermind extraordinaire.

Two incidents with which Germany has no connections what so ever. Are these two terrorists just particularly stupid? Even among terrorists in general? Well, they did manage to botch the timing mechanism on their bombs so I think it’s safe to say that they are probably not rocket scientists.

The logic, in their minds, is of course that their actions were just one more strike in the decadent heart of the West. Had they happened to live in France or Italy then they would have blown something up in those countries.

Another example of the Islamist logic of not differentiating and going straight for radical mass killing solution is this video of protesters outside the Danish Embassy in London after the Mohammed drawings:

No messages of “Please behave nicely” or “we are sad”, no! They go straight for the throat. “We want Danish blood”, “Burn, burn Denmark! Burn, burn Germany! Burn, burn France! Burn, burn Spain!”, “slay those who insult Islam!”, “Europe, your 9/11 is on its way”, “take lesson of Theo van Gogh”, UK, you will pay”, etc. The only message here is violence.

The German intelligence service estimates that about one percent of Muslims in Germany are radical enough to support Islamist groups like al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. I think the MI5 operates with a similar number.

What is it about violent radicalism and stupidity that so festers among Muslims?

Maybe one percent doesn’t sound like enough to criticise Islam as such but the sheer number of suicidal maniacs on the loose is certainly enough to make you worried. What is it that links all the suicidal maniacs together? They are all Muslims.

The Pew Global Attitudes Project reveals that 36% of German Muslims think that there is a conflict between living in a modern society and being a devout Muslim. 15 percent of British Muslims think that violence against civilian targets to defend Islam can be justified sometimes or often. 56 percent of the same don’t believe that Arabs carried out the 9/11 attacks.