Why is the West financing the Human Rights Council?

Western nations are at the moment financing the UN just to be dragged round the arena by dictatorships that could not care less about the purpose of UN. You have to ask yourself why we have to take part in and finance the UN Human Rights’ Council when we are just going to hand it over to some of the worst states on the planet without a word anyway.

James P. Cain misunderstands lessons from American history

Soon to be former American ambassador to Denmark James P. Cain was recently (2008, 12th Nov.) interviewed by late night debate programme DR2 Deadline. Among other issues the interview revolved around his views on integration and what the American experience could teach Denmark. Former Danish foreign minister Uffe Ellemann-Jensen saw the interview and agrees with…… Continue reading James P. Cain misunderstands lessons from American history

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More irony

I know that not a soul is going to actually read this but I just need to get it off my heart. The second round of the Mohammad cartoon crisis is sort of rolling and I just happened to watch a round of the Doha Debates on BBC World (March 8th) where the otherwise intelligently…… Continue reading More irony