Leaders, Faith, Affairs and Excitement!

Kind of a weird title here but I really have the urge to weave all of these together after reading an article in the New York Times today. The article concerns Newt Gingrich and how he is using faith and God to reconnect with the Republican base in order to burnish his image after three…… Continue reading Leaders, Faith, Affairs and Excitement!

America and Religion

With the lessons above about the origins above, the fact is, they really do not matter. Sure they are good things to know, but they have absolutely no influence on the core teaching which is simply to love. I used the examples above to prove to people how little they know about religion and to provoke a bit of shame. How dare they use religion, which they know very little about, to provoke hate, which is the exact opposite of the main point religion is trying to convey!!!! How stupid, how silly and how shameful!

Creationism vs. Evolution – Unique thoughts

I just watched a the following video “Rare Look Inside Bible Belt Classroom,” and was pretty intrigued since I once thought as these students do.  I’d like to offer you my own personal reasoning and learning process from one who went from a Creationist to an Evolutionist and then hit direct center. https://youtu.be/GbXgsMxOPtI I attended…… Continue reading Creationism vs. Evolution – Unique thoughts

We Believe What We Are Taught to Believe

Tonight I watched a movie about delinquent high schoolers who were taken to an “Enlightenment” session where the evil principal put in brain implants to make them “good” students. This got me thinking about influences or perhaps the more disparaging word called brain washing. We grow up surrounded most likely by a group of people…… Continue reading We Believe What We Are Taught to Believe