Chick-fil-a – A debate between my conservative and liberal sides.

I sometimes wonder if the events that happen on the national stage are real or imagined.  This has been occurring with much more frequency in the past five years than ever before, so much in fact, that I have begun to question my own sanity.   Certainly so many hundreds of thousands of people could…… Continue reading Chick-fil-a – A debate between my conservative and liberal sides.

History is Alive

In my short 35 year life I have had the great fortune to travel a good portion of the world and experience a great many things. Most of these travels occurred during my twenties but it was not the travels alone that contributed to these fantastic experiences. It was the study of language that gave…… Continue reading History is Alive

Religion – What defines a cult?

I just read the article from the BBC “Park Romney: Why he turned against the Mormon Church”. If you read this blog with any frequency then you know I like to talk about religion.  I like to talk about the historical aspects, the origins, customs and ceremonies etc.  Religion has impacted humanity more than any…… Continue reading Religion – What defines a cult?

Catholic Contraception Debate

It is interesting how quickly the topics shift in national politics.  One day we are talking about war and the next we are talking about sex.  You’ve got to admit, at least American politics isn’t boring!   I felt I should chime in on this Catholic contraception debate because as usual, the media portrays the…… Continue reading Catholic Contraception Debate

Constantine’s Sword

Just watched the documentary “Constantines’s Sword.” It is the journey of one man who upon leaving the Catholic priesthood examines the dark ugly side of the church with respect to it’s persecution of Jews. Although I had never considered being a priest, I also left the Catholic faith. The main reason is perhaps that…… Continue reading Constantine’s Sword