Vietnamese Women Are Beautiful! Quick post here.  Being a Global Citizen, I find that Vietnamese women are very feminine, gentle and wonderful.  But just be careful not to make them upset or else you will be in trouble! Quick story, Global Citizen style.  I once attended an event in Saigon where there were many beautiful ladies wearing the…… Continue reading Vietnamese Women Are Beautiful!

The Rape of Nanking – Thoughts

This is perhaps the most depressing book I have ever read in my life. A quick background.  The Japanese invade the city and do the worst possible things one human being could do to another.  In short, – Babies torn out of their mothers and killed- Daily rape and thrusting of bamboo poles into them-…… Continue reading The Rape of Nanking – Thoughts

Asian Prostitute and Being Human

Just read a great piece from the San Francisco Chronicle called “Diary of a Sex Slave” .  It details how the young woman got in trouble financially in Korea, thought she was going to the USA to work in a hostess bar and found herself in the sex trade.  Just wanted to write down my…… Continue reading Asian Prostitute and Being Human

2011 – Thoughts

I know it has been a very long while since my last post but I have been extremely busy. As these posts go to the unknown internet I won’t tell you what events have happened but I can tell you that what are categorized as life’s most stressful events, I went through two of them in succession. No worries however, they were both good. On top of that the holidays happened and I had many many guests, also which was a great pleasure but left no time for posting.