I am not a conspiracy theorist.

Yet, I do very much enjoy the websites and Youtube videos of conspiracy theorists for entertainment. And having read/watched plenty of them I really cannot pass up the opportunity to draw a few parallels between relatively recent events and these theories. So please take all this with a HUGE grain of salt, this post is for fun… or is it? >:)

Salesman vs. Salesman – How to lower your bills

t occurred to me that, as a salesman, I interact with customers every single day and am always negotiating one way or another. Therefore, I thought it would be fun to put these skills to use and see what I could do about lowering my various monthly payments and I have to tell you it has turned into full blown FUN!

American Automakers, Capitalism, India and Christmas

Once again the urge to write has been slowly and steadily building over the course of these past few weeks as I read the headlines. After reading today’s newspaper this urge has finally bubbled over and if I do not write to release frustrations and disbeliefs I feel that my health might suffer. Each of…… Continue reading American Automakers, Capitalism, India and Christmas