MBA Students – A Scourge

As is the purpose of this blog, we try to help readers see a completely different point of view. In this post, I will continue this tradition and propose that the current problems of the USA are due to a vile group that hitherto has escaped all blame and remains in the shadows. It functions almost as a secret society yet is completely out in the open. They influence many aspects of our daily lives yet we scarcely notice.

Culture Shock

As I have mentioned before, once you return to your home country the culture shock abates but never seems to disappear completely. I’m not sure if it is because I have changed so much or the culture that I remember has changed. Perhaps it is both.

Smart Consumer USA – Global Citizen

One aspect of returning to the USA that I have never gotten over is the constant barrage of sales pitches one must endure on a daily basis in this country.  I continue to make more shocking discoveries about how savvy companies are at separating me from my money. This is a phenomenon I had not…… Continue reading Smart Consumer USA – Global Citizen