Capetian Dynasty

I’ve always been completely fascinated by the Capetian dynasty.  A family whose rule started in 987, dominated for five centuries and still has royals to this day in Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg and on the throne with King Felipe VI of Spain. 

In the USA, when royalty is mentioned it is something that belongs in the past, that isn’t a part of modern times.  Yet, just a quick look around the world and royalty is not dead, it still holds sway and power in many parts of the world!  

It is very interesting to see that Princess Cristina of Spain, also of the Capetian line is now on trial for tax evasion along with her husband.  Apparently the masses and hordes of unwashed have finally put royalty in the corner.  How this would simply be unthinkable just a short three hundred years ago!!  How rude and vulgar those Spanish judges must be to question a royal!  Apparently, their small and feeble minds cannot comprehend that royals are a better sort of people and should not be subject to the laws of lesser people.  

Here in the USA we do not have royalty but the same sort of mentality persists.  Instead of royalty one simply needs to be extremely rich or perhaps in politics to rise above and consider oneself over the rude and unclean common folk.  It is quite apparent in the attitudes and behaviors of those that drive BMW cars here in California.  It is as if once one purchases a BMW a dark spell washes over them and they become a dark one.  

And this is not just my opinion.  The San Francisco Chronicle was kind enough to write an article on the subject.  

Is there a correlation between wealth and behavior?

I’ve gotten off track.  I’m still captivated by the Capetian dynasty and am looking forward to learning more about them, even if I’m a small minded peasant.  

By Mateo de Colón

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