The world has gone crazy

As usual I haven’t written in a long time. This is party due to the culture of America and we are constantly busy and must schedule our time to get anything accomplished. But finally, the pent up thoughts are bursting free as I could no longer hold them back being subjected to one ridiculous notion, societal change or world event after another.

Let me begin with my thoughts on San Francisco aimed at my international friends. Mes Amis, I finally came to the conclusion yesterday that San Francisco is the land of misfit toys. It became a refuge for the gay population who were not accepted into mainstream society many years ago but has recently become a tattooed pierced “I need attention” refuge for those who are not good looking enough for LA, but still want to be noticed yet feel comfortable being surrounded by other tattooed pierced misfits.

They think of themselves as sophisticated and many enjoy using a plethora of higher level English words although their sentences come out sounding ridiculous as though they are trying too hard to sound intelligent.

One lady used the word “furious” three times in one sentence and the two women in conversation sounded like they were trying to outdo each other in terms of vocabulary. By using such words as “autonomy, gregarious” and so on gives them a feeling of superiority to their better looking brothers and sisters in L.A. who rely on looks to feel a sense of self worth as they are covered in tattoos and piercings which is sometimes hard on the eye.

Switching gears, the top news story of the day is that of the Pope offending Muslims with his reference to a medieval emperor who spoke poorly of Islam. On the front page we see pictures of bearded Muslims yelling, burning things and generally get the impression of a culture stuck in the past who have not made any advancement for the past 1000 years. The irony is that even with the West’s technological advancement, the West has not advanced either in terms of religion. On the cover of “Time” there is an article “Does God want us to be rich?” which apparently the megachurches are teaching that God does want us to be rich.

America has digressed into everything being justified by God just as it was 1000 years ago. It is now “God” that wants the West to become rich, spread “freedom” to those brown people in the Mideast and that “God” is smiling upon America. The point is, the West is just as “fanatical” as the Mideast in terms of religion yet in America there are enough jobs to keep people busy and America has not been invaded, no citizens killed by Muslims spreading “Liberation and freedom” that we do not have people contemplating strapping bombs to themselves like in the Mideast.

Since the West is not strapping bombs to themselves, the whites are able to look down upon those in the Mideast who have had their relatives killed and have not had enough economic development to be able to buy shirts from the gap. The people in the West truly believe that by blowing people up in the Mideast and trying to change their ways they are actually doing good and in many cases “God’s will.”

This whole controversy with the Pope and Muslims is exactly what occurred in Medieval times and it appears the West is now against the Mideast yet again. If the people in the Mideast actually had jobs, and their oppressive governments were not supported by the West, they might have a chance to advance. “Might” being a huge word though since they would probably be oppressed by a Muslim regime who would not make anything better.

The culture in America seems to be one of “buy more” and you shall be happy. The goal here is to continually get more money and is done in the form of services the people do not need. For example, I opened a bank account and was told “OH! Congratulations! You are eligible for a credit card with a 7,000 dollar limit! Which means, congratulations, you are able to go further into debt, buy more shit you do not need, and therefore feel good about yourself. Not only that, but upon receipt of my debit card I had to call to activate it where I was solicited by another “Identity Theft Protection” service. The name of the game in the banking industry is now this protection service which they should provide anyway but have figured out that by charging money for a service that should be standard, they can further fleece their customers. They did not have an option to decline the service and the recording said “I urge you to accept this service so the criminals cannot destroy everything you’ve worked so hard to gain!!!” Again, it appears in America that we must be afraid of something and must pay money to insure ourselves, medicate ourselves and so on so we can be happy. The society has turned truly sick.

Final Thoughts:

Every problem in the world comes from the failure to understand another viewpoint or greed.

It is easy to rile the population to one cause or another since populations cannot understand the mentality of those “across the river.”

For every atrocity, there is always a justification.

By Mateo de Colón

Global Citizen! こんにちは!僕の名前はマットです. Es decir soy Mateo. Aussi, je m'appelle Mathieu. Likes: Languages, Cultures, Computers, History, being Alive! (^.^)/


  1. Aloa Mateo,
    mention a muslim and not worship his religion – you are a dead man. mention a foreigner without stating he or she is more than welcome to whereever you are – welcome to the world of racism. You did knwo that there may have been an inaccuracy at counting the numnber of jews massacred during the hollocaust? Neonazi, no doubt. The Pope, being German, will be more careful about his topics of speech next time. He will talk about things even more pc than general reflections about Mohamed. He will, “not mention the war” and he might even suggest to establish a stronger Islam in Europe, better: Germany. final thoughts: he is a lucky man he did not utter his speech in the US. Mohamed would have taken him to court. Two, three billion at least. The world has gone crazy and I look forward to meeting Mohamed in hell. Where I’ll end up no doubt. For disbelief and drinking wine. For going to Saigon and planning to write about girls and nightlife. yes. change of subject: I will be in Saigon in November. a week or so. Been there, done that. But not for some years. Looking for company. fun, outgoing. english speaking.
    might see you there

  2. Mateo,
    Couple of things:
    1 – This isn’t American Whites against poor Middle Eastern types. That over-simplifies the issue and does serious harm to any fruitful debate on the subject. While there are elements of West vs. ME, it’s not due to racial differences – it’s due to economic, cultural, and the like.
    2 – The whole Christianity as defining American culture thing is incorrect. There is a vocal minority that attempts to use religion to justify everything and churches do play a large role for other Americans. However, this role is much lower than you seem to imply – the vast majority of Americans aren’t members of these evangelical churches, nor do they identify with them.

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