Life Currents – A Reflection

The lake in this piece put me to thinking about water, rivers, streams and how they simply flow to their destination. This led me to consider that some people perhaps go through life on a sure and steady stream and life goes rather smoothly for them with minor bumps along the way.

Growing Up – An Impression of Adults by an Adult

When I was a kid, I always thought that adults had all the answers and all of them mature. Adults maintained a kind of “god-like” status and I thought once I hit a certain age then information would just be given to me and I would have all the answers as well.

One Day Trip – Latin America, Japan, China

I have been very fortunate to have lived/studied in so many diverse cities around the world.  Great experiences all around.  However, there is one big drawback in that you severely miss the city you just left and will continue to miss it FOREVER!!! The case is the same for many of my personal friends who…… Continue reading One Day Trip – Latin America, Japan, China