More Culture Shock

The culture shock continues here in San Francisco!!! As every study abroad or expat knows, when returning to the home country, some things really stand out as strange or bizarre since even though it is your home country, it might seem a little foreign. Well, San Francisco IS foreign!!! There are entire neighborhoods here where…… Continue reading More Culture Shock

In San Francisco

It’s been a week here in San Francisco and I’ve been all over this town. One thing I’ve learned is that you can’t even move without money pouring out of your pockets. EVERYTHING is expensive. Even walking down the street there are a lot of homeless asking for change. It’s hard to drop coins after…… Continue reading In San Francisco

San Francisco

I’m now sitting in a Starbucks café here in San Francisco. I can’t believe I’m back in the USA and my head has been spinning ever since I landed. One thing I can say is that I hate culture shock and jet-lag. I really need to write down all the culture shock aspects but for…… Continue reading San Francisco

Move back to the USA?

At this time, I’m contemplating a move back to the USA. There are many factors contributing to this decision but perhaps the main one is to simply get some American work experience before I hit 30. After living and becoming accustomed to Asia for the past four years, it is impossible to re-adjust to the…… Continue reading Move back to the USA?