Life Currents – A Reflection

The lake in this piece put me to thinking about water, rivers, streams and how they simply flow to their destination. This led me to consider that some people perhaps go through life on a sure and steady stream and life goes rather smoothly for them with minor bumps along the way.

Chicanos, Viet Kieu, Gaijin – Migration Fun!

“When you sit down to write, first open a vein” and “Write What You Know.”  This phrase is often used by writers to really get the ideas flowing and words written.  This is exactly what I’ll attempt to do with this post. I have an idea of what I want to say, have no real point…… Continue reading Chicanos, Viet Kieu, Gaijin – Migration Fun!

Life in Vietnam Video

This is a snapshot of my life in Vietnam from 2004 – 2006.  Things have changed tremendously and I miss those years a lot.  I thought I would post this video and add some information for anyone thinking of exploring Vietnam. 1. We start off in the countryside.  I really have no idea where…… Continue reading Life in Vietnam Video

Vietnam – An American complex

Being an American who has lived in Vietnam, I really cannot understand why (in what it would seem) in every political election we have to keep mentioning Vietnam and who did what there. I am no academic on the issue but what I can tell you is that what happened there certainly was not good for either country and therefore do not understand why it would be seen as a political “badge of honor” for current politicians.