Today’s Adventure in Ho Chi Minh City

Today was actually not so adventuresome. However, today the Buddhist funeral infront of my house ended. The old lady who spoke to me in French not 6 months before and told me to “Firmez le porte doucemont” passed away. They then erected a shrine and had chants, prayers and visitors for three days. It was really something to experience and I had never seen anything like that before.
Also, two days ago I went to the Norwegian “Constitution Day” reception hosted by the Ambassador of Norway. It was very nice but in a town like this it’s not uncommon to be able to go to these things if your an expat. This town is pretty small and if you can network and get a job in a foreign company it’s not difficult to be invited like in other cities. I really never thought I would be able to attend events like that though at age 27.

Yesterday however I had a catastrophy. I have an 8 foot long fishtank yesterday and one of the supports for the light fell into the water. This means the light also fell into the water and electrocuted all my goldfish. When I got home I had one morbid fishtank that was milky white and full of dead fish. It was horrible. So now I have to start over but attach those tricky supports better.

Today after work I went bowling with two of my co-workers. I got the high score of 178 and was definitely in the zone. We were playing next to about 6 Vietnamese and my Vietnamese co-worker informed us that one of the guys was a famous dj from T.V. Again, in this town if you have a decent job, it’s not uncommon to come in contact with the elite of this town. My friend who brought me to Vietnam is also pretty famous and I would have never thought I would be hanging out with famous people but in Vietnam everything is possible.
I still can’t believe I got Movable Type working. It only took a year of frustration and giving up, only to try again. It actually became an obsession and I refused to go to WordPress because I feel I don’t have control like I do in Movable Type since it’s difficult to write the HTML in WordPress.

Ok, I’ve rambled on enough for this entry. Back to formatting my webpage.

By Mateo de Colón

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