E-mail from Jackie Speier

March 11, 2021 Dear Mateo: Thank you for contacting me regarding the coronavirus pandemic. This is a global public health and economic crisis the likes of which the world has not seen in over a century.  The coronavirus, known as COVID-19, continues to spread and has affected every corner of our society. Despite the severity…… Continue reading E-mail from Jackie Speier

The Spanish West – Time Life Books

The more I travel and learn the more I realize people of every nation do not know their own history. It is not necessarily their own fault but that of the elementary and secondary schools which teach a ‘happy’ and patriotic version while diminishing or completely ignoring anything which could paint the country in a…… Continue reading The Spanish West – Time Life Books

The World Is Changing: Trump, COVID, Crypto and the Internet.

It is difficult to really understand how much things are changing from our day to day experiences. It is as though a huge stone is thrown into the middle of a tranquil lake; we see the big splash but rarely wait to watch all of the ripples as they reach the shore and subside after…… Continue reading The World Is Changing: Trump, COVID, Crypto and the Internet.

The Best Argument Against Democracy

The best argument against Democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter. – Made up? This is an excellent quote and certainly one worthy of America during the Trump era. However, Churchill never said it! https://winstonchurchill.org/publications/finest-hour/finest-hour-141/red-herrings-famous-quotes-churchill-never-said/