Embassy Attacks

I just wanted to write down a few thoughts about the embassy attacks that are occurring. The first is that I find it completely despicable that Romney has used the events to score political points. That was a very stupid move which all the pundits pointed out the day after he made it. I just…… Continue reading Embassy Attacks

History is Alive

In my short 35 year life I have had the great fortune to travel a good portion of the world and experience a great many things. Most of these travels occurred during my twenties but it was not the travels alone that contributed to these fantastic experiences. It was the study of language that gave…… Continue reading History is Alive

The Rape of Nanking – Thoughts

This is perhaps the most depressing book I have ever read in my life. A quick background.  The Japanese invade the city and do the worst possible things one human being could do to another.  In short, – Babies torn out of their mothers and killed- Daily rape and thrusting of bamboo poles into them-…… Continue reading The Rape of Nanking – Thoughts

Egypt According to Sandmonkey

What I really wanted to know was, what will the future of Egypt look like? This evening at Copenhagen Business School Mahmoud Salem, also known as the famous Egyptian blogger Sandmonkey, was scheduled to visit and give his account of his involvement in the recent uprisings in Egypt. And so I thought that this would be…… Continue reading Egypt According to Sandmonkey

Japan – Dishonest Government and Pray for Japan FB Page

This is probably more of a thing for the forum but thought I would make it a post to grab more attention.  Just wanted to make a few points. 1.  Japan Government Not Honest –  I made the point in the forum a while back that the Japanese Government was not being very honest with…… Continue reading Japan – Dishonest Government and Pray for Japan FB Page