The Truth about Thanksgiving

Truth about Thanksgiving America always has the best holidays.  They are of a different nature when compared to European holidays in terms of the level of enthusiasm, participation and excitement.  America is like the young child, bursting with anticipation for their fêtes while Europe would be the slow lumbering adult who smiles with muted amusement…… Continue reading The Truth about Thanksgiving

Asian Invasion!

Asians have taken over today’s news cycle! Asians Top Immigration Class – WSJ Apparently some report came out that says Asians are the number one class of immigrants at the moment.  Every single news source has jumped on this and although I really do not have time for a long post, I just wanted to record…… Continue reading Asian Invasion!

Asian college strategy: Don’t check Asian

Woke up to this article today in USA  Some Asians’ college strategy: Don’t check ‘Asian’  Sounded like a good topic for this blog and is a choice my own boy will have to make someday so thought I’d do a post.   My personal opinion, being a completely white, blond/brownish, blue eyed, half Asian on…… Continue reading Asian college strategy: Don’t check Asian

Palestinian Kid’s War Art Cancelled

This morning I came across an article in the SF Chronicle that I simply had to share with you all.  Perfect for a GC post and a GC opinion!   Oakland museum cancels Palestinian kids’ war art – SF Chronicle Israelis’ vs Palestinians!  What a great way to have readers immediately take a side before…… Continue reading Palestinian Kid’s War Art Cancelled