10 Observations

1. Wall Street is rigged in favour of the elite. They are already on the inside, in the know, in position before things happen. The public in general only gets a few crumbs, or are left holding the bag.

2. The Bilderberg Group / Trilateral Commission / Council on Foreign Relations: 3 non government, non public think tanks, are calling the shots around the world. The Project for the New American Century ( PNAC ) was the overt, neo-conservative think tank, during the Bush II administration. How they call themselves conservative, by killing people, is beyond me.

3. Lee Harvey Oswald was a CIA asset, and was used.

4. The CIA and the military industrial media complex, set JFK up, executed the plan, and covered it up.

5. The Vietnam war, was a huge CIA operation. That helps explain JFK’s assassination even more, because he wanted to pull out of Vietnam.

6. If you were Iran, sitting on the 5th largest hydrocarbon reserves on the globe, with oil depletion upon the world, surrounded by the imperialistic United States ( who uses 24% of the worlds hydrocarbons ) in Iraq & Afghanistan, wouldn’t you want a bomb too? You don’t just march into countries, that have the bomb. Just remember, if someone invades, later preaching democracy, that Iran had a democracy forming in 1953, before the CIA Coup.

7. Iran is also painted as the bad guy, because they are selling petro products in currencies, other than the dollar. They plan to start selling crude oil the same way, at a later time. If this spreads, other countries will dump the dollar, making it worthless Did you know that Saddam and Iraq did the same thing in 2000?

8. The Joint Chief of Staff reports that spare oil capacity can disappear in 2 years, and sever oil shortages can appear within 5 years. Translation: They are waiting for the time when the worlds largest oil field in Saudi Arabia, Al-Ghawar, collapses. It’s over produced, and currently produces 5 million of Saudi Arabia’s 10 million barrels of oil, per day.

9. Osama Bin Laden is the biggest carrot on a stick, that has ever been seen in history. The American public is the horse, that is following.

10. Obama has been flipped, by the military industrial media complex. He will be leaving 50,000 non combatant troops, on 14 permanent military bases in Iraq. Also the US will have the worlds largest foreign embassy ever built. This is called an occupation. Still no weapons of mass destruction.

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  1. I like conspiracy posts!!! Here are my comments

    1. Yes, wall street is rigged. The biggest example is the automatic trades the big companies are using to exploit very minute opportunities. Basically, the trades happen before any humans have a chance to react and so the big companies can make a large amount of cash trading on small discrepancies in the market. I've heard this practice *might* be banned. I still do not understand it very well and will have to ask my finance friends.

    2. I've always wondered what those secret meetings of the financial and world elite were about. Very intriguing. But I know if I got an invitation I would definitely go!! 🙂 Just need to make one billion dollars first.

    3. and 4. Again, love the conspiracy theories. No further comment on this one.

    5. Another war where the excuse used was bogus. "Golf of Tonkin" the sinking of an American ship supposedly by the North Vietnamese which turned out not to be true.

    6. Good point. But Iran having the bomb is going to make Israel very nervous and Israel won't let it happen. Kind of a very scary game that is being played right now. Hope things can be resolved peacefully without some sort of armageddon.

    Also, along these same lines I wrote a post a while back entitled "Conspiracy." Whether these things are true or not, they sure are fun to discuss!! https://globalcitizenblog.com/?p=579

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