NEVER AGAIN – Concentration Camp

It’s late and I’m back from watching the ballet version of Don Quixote. I had read the history of the performance and learned that it was first performed for the royalty of Russia.  So, taking this information I imagined myself a European royal attending the ballet. What went through my mind? Well, being a business…… Continue reading NEVER AGAIN – Concentration Camp

Afghan civilians murdered by US soldier

Two very quick observations here.  1.  Did you notice that no media outlet used the word “murder” to describe what happened?  2.  The media never mentioned the victims names.  – All of the attention was focused on the soldier and nobody reported on the victims.  This was pointed out by Common Dreams  – No One…… Continue reading Afghan civilians murdered by US soldier

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Palestinian Kid’s War Art Cancelled

This morning I came across an article in the SF Chronicle that I simply had to share with you all.  Perfect for a GC post and a GC opinion!  Oakland museum cancels Palestinian kids’ war art – SF ChronicleIsraelis’ vs Palestinians!  What a great way to have readers immediately take a side before they have…… Continue reading Palestinian Kid’s War Art Cancelled

Nightly News BBC, PBS and Fox News

Just a warning, I’m feeling very feisty tonight.  I currently am listening to Rammstein and have had two glasses of a very nice Chardonnay.  The idea for this post came while watching the nightly newscast of BBC and PBS WHILE drinking the Chardonnay and once I get the post out of my system I’ll be…… Continue reading Nightly News BBC, PBS and Fox News