Religion – What defines a cult?

I just read the article from the BBC “Park Romney: Why he turned against the Mormon Church“.

If you read this blog with any frequency then you know I like to talk about religion.  I like to talk about the historical aspects, the origins, customs and ceremonies etc.  Religion has impacted humanity more than any other institution and will continue to do so.  Given the enormity of organized religion and its profound influence, perhaps these are reasons organized religion is my favorite subject to attack.  Seems a little like David and Goliath.  Here I am armed with my experience, learning, travels and studies.  Goliath being the billions of believers, the 2000 years of history, the institutions which have been built up throughout the world and traditions which have been ingrained in almost every society.  I stand in front of all this and call it false.  I attack.

Afghan civilians murdered by US soldier

Two very quick observations here.  

1.  Did you notice that no media outlet used the word “murder” to describe what happened?  

2.  The media never mentioned the victims names.  
– All of the attention was focused on the soldier and nobody reported on the victims.  This was pointed out by Common Dreams  – No One Asked Their Names

Not much shocks me anymore about war.  War is brutality no matter how many ways leaders try to justify the cause.  War is not civil.  

Past Meets the Present – Infinite City

I’m currently reading a book called “Infinite City – A San Francisco Atlas” 

When most people hear the word “Atlas” they think of boring school subjects and perhaps don’t bother to lift the cover.  For me however, I opened the cover and this book has kept me spellbound.  

As any reader of this blog knows, I enjoy language, culture, history, politics and general discovery.  As it happens, these things often come all at once.  My mind is able to paint a fuller picture of the things which surround me by combining my knowledge of language, my travels to places not yet explored (by me), interest in history and reading of current events.  

The bin Laden assassination part deux

It looks like most of my predictions from my previous post turned out to be correct.  Notice I wrote it right after the announcement was made.  How did I know these things you might ask?  Well, for two reasons:

1. I read a lot.
2.  I learned a lot from many people while living abroad.

Now that we’ve had a week to digest all the punditry I’d like to share a few additional thoughts.

1. Celebration

The amount of celebration in the US leaves me feeling a bit uncomfortable.  Here is why.

What’s in a Headline? – Obama, Libya and Pundits

Every morning right after I open my eyes and before I get out of bed I grab my Iphone.  I check my work mail, then go straight to the news.

For the news, I go to Facebook which being so much more than just the social network of a few years ago is now my news reader.

Today, the news was all about Obama and all the different takes each various news outlet has.

Well, I didn’t watch Obama’s speech, and I didn’t read any of the articles.  I simply read the headlines and the brief description that accompanies them.  Immediately my mind jumps into high gear and a post is starting to form.