The ISIS takes a page from Spanish Conquistadors!

While reading my Lapham’s Quarterly I came across the “Requerimiento” (Requirement).  This was a written declaration of sovereignty and war, read by Spanish military forces to assert their sovereignty over the Americas.    “It was used to justify the assertion that God, through historical Saint Peter and appointed Papal successors, held authority as ruler over the entire Earth; and that the Inter…… Continue reading The ISIS takes a page from Spanish Conquistadors!

Israel invasion of Gaza – 2nd Post

At the gym today I had the misfortune to look up at the t.v. which was tuned to CNN.  They were covering the Israeli invasion and my blood started to boil.  It appears an Israeli soldier was taken hostage and it was being called a “game changer.”  I absolutely detest the way Americans describe war…… Continue reading Israel invasion of Gaza – 2nd Post

Egypt According to Sandmonkey

What I really wanted to know was, what will the future of Egypt look like? This evening at Copenhagen Business School Mahmoud Salem, also known as the famous Egyptian blogger Sandmonkey, was scheduled to visit and give his account of his involvement in the recent uprisings in Egypt. And so I thought that this would be…… Continue reading Egypt According to Sandmonkey


I am not a conspiracy theorist.

Yet, I do very much enjoy the websites and Youtube videos of conspiracy theorists for entertainment. And having read/watched plenty of them I really cannot pass up the opportunity to draw a few parallels between relatively recent events and these theories. So please take all this with a HUGE grain of salt, this post is for fun… or is it? >:)

San Francisco

I’m now sitting in a Starbucks cafe here in San Francisco. I can’t believe I’m back in the USA and my head has been spinning ever since I landed. One thing I can say is that I hate culture shock and jet-lag. I really need to write down all the culture shock aspects but for…… Continue reading San Francisco