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Japanese Internment, Asians, Integration and Muslim Congressional Hearings

Selecting my usual nightly Netflix documentary I came across this documentary and I couldn’t help but draw a few parallels even though they are currently not as severe. This is a documentary about the Japanese/American internment during WWII.  It is a dark period of US history that most people are not very familiar with.  In […]

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Japan, Reactor child explanation, Self Defense Force and Kanji

Just saw this making the rounds on Facebook. Here is the video with explanation. I also have some other things I’d like to point out down below. From the pictures pretty self explanatory.. but here you go. “Genpatsu-Kun” – Name given to character of Japanese reactor: GenPatsu = Source of radiation — Kun = Like […]

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Japan – Dishonest Government and Pray for Japan FB Page

This is probably more of a thing for the forum but thought I would make it a post to grab more attention.  Just wanted to make a few points. 1.  Japan Government Not Honest –  I made the point in the forum a while back that the Japanese Government was not being very honest with […]


Japan – A personal story

  In this post I will relate to you my concerns and fears.  Everyone knows what is going on from the daily news so I have no need to repeat it. I just wanted to share what is going on in my mind at the moment. As readers of my posts know, I am very […]

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Madame Butterfly – Asian Women, Western Men, A Global Citizen Perspective

For me, I have always had conflicting feelings about this one and true to Global Citizen form, it will be an opinion that I do not think has ever been discussed in the West. I’m not sure if it was discussed in Japan but if any Japanese have an opinion I would LOVE TO HEAR IT!