Viet Kieu

Most recently there have been so many Viet Kieu or “Overseas Vietnamese” coming back to Vietnam. For the Tet holiday I think was the biggest single time of returning Vietnamese coming to visit their birthplace. I met so many of them going out and seeing people I know with Vietnamese I had never seen before […]

Ah Vietnam

The President of Vietnam recently made the first visit to the United States since the end of the war. It was really big news here among the business community and we all hoped that the trip would spark a more definate answer about when Vietnam would join the WTO. It seems the trip went very […]

Experiences in Saigon

As I sit here typing this entry, it is pouring buckets just like it does everyday during the rainy season. Many people do not like rain, and neither do I, except for these types of thunderstorms we get everday. I love a good storm and this is the first country I have lived in where […]

15 of May School Fundraiser.

Today I went to the 15th of May School Fundraiser. Pictures here. The school is a grassroots charity, which helps disadvantaged children in District 1, HCMC. The kids put on an excellent show of Hip Hop dancing and diversions such as juggling and acrobatics. There were also silent and live auctions plus an excellent buffet […]