Signing out.

This blog is no longer active. I simply don’t have the time to keep it up to a decent standard. Quite frankly I ought to erase the last posting for being too shoddy. For those interested, here are my biggest achievements with this blog: Mentioned in The Guardian Unlimited Initial Google-rating of four. At least […]

Nuclear North Korea. Positioning by China, Japan, Korea

In connection with North Korea’s testing of a nuclear bomb, three things I want to notice: 1) China’s reaction when the UN Security Council meets. Until now China’s attitude towards any proactive steps on UN’s behalf has been one of stalling or preventing. China has actively opposed any and all sanctions or even harsh language […]

Fast Times in San Fran

Once again, long time, no post. Yet, the dam of thoughts have overflown and I couldn’t resist another post. 1. A glimpse of Asia in SF. Last week, the retailing giant, Bloomingdales opened up in a new shopping mall in the center of the city. Today I decided to go see what all the fuss […]

Eavesdropping in America

I saw on the CNN webpage yesterday an article concerning the Wisconsin Senators proposal to Censure Bush over the Eavesdropping program. At the heart of the argument is if Bush knowingly violated the law or if Bush legally had the power to bypass the law since it is a time of war. As for myself, […]

Saigon Stories

If you’ve read my blog before, you understand I love living in Saigon. The main reason is really the community and the fact that I can go to any bar, restaurant and will know people. Most ex-pats hang out mostly in District 1 and feels more like a village than a city. I can also […]