More Culture Shock

The culture shock continues here in San Francisco!!! As every study abroad or expat knows, when returning to the home country, some things really stand out as strange or bizarre since even though it is your home country, it might seem a little foreign. Well, San Francisco IS foreign!!! There are entire neighorhoods here where…… Continue reading More Culture Shock


These last couple of weeks have been insaine. I’ve been all over S.E. Asia and thought it was time for a blog entry but unfortunately had a big night out last night and can barely think straight today. But I’m tired of watching movies yet too lazy to get out of the house. I don’t…… Continue reading Cambodia

A "Wapanese?"

Recently, I’ve been reading blogs, journals and so on to get myself mentally prepared for my return to America. In particular I’ve been reading about race relations between Asians and Americans just so I can have an understanding about how San Francisco might be for my girlfriend who is Japanese. I’ve found a lot of…… Continue reading A "Wapanese?"

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