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A Proposal – Gun Legislation

Greetings Representative Polis,

A few associates and I are having a gun conversation; as the entire nation is at this time.  I think there are some valid ideas the might be flushed out in policy creation. The content of this letter is a longer read, so I would like to start with a summary of the main thoughts-

  • Take the Big Government argument out of the equation and provide a competing lobby to the NRA.
  • Set some standards and requirements in gun ownership,
  • Identify ways to have peers take the keys away from the “drunk drivers” (mentally unfit),
  • Include a base cost lf gun ownership and incrementally increase the Expense Vs. Risk equation.

An obvious comparison of guns to other objects of danger often arises, and I think automobile analogies are best in this conversation, where it is a dangerous object causing many deaths each year. Additionally it is a good comparator because as a nation we have constructive conversations about auto policy and public duty in an atmosphere largely devoid of partisan positioning, as opposed to any discussion of guns.

I also think it is fair to complain that it is not the object that kills but the operator, and that mental fitness is the core element of responsible operation of either guns or vehicles.

The debate is most certainly about mental health, the cause is not the gun, but it is also about population density and in a sense… opportunity. We live in a world that is so connected virtually and so disconnected emotionally/physically. One example of school tragedies in China is a fine example of a similar terror, certainly effective horror in that school children are defenseless against insanity… but the analogy stops there as this could not happen in a movie theatre.  After 911 I think our entire nation is willing to jump on top of one man with a knife to save the rest. In any case, what we have a nation of Monday morning DB’s and those with guns saying the equivalent of “I wish that happened to me” (see http://www.jokebuddha.com/joke/Southern_Justice).

So let’s not be so black and white and hyperbolic in our argument- we don’t need to say yes/no to guns.  Management however is not easy- mental health is not clear, it is not even really understood, more over it requires continuous contact and feedback to monitor.  When associated with potential mass violence it is simply not feasible given the number of guns and owners… mental health is not as discrete and manageable as objects with serial numbers and manufacturing dates.

There is an expense our society is paying by allowing a virtually unregulated gun trade and it should not be paid by all of the citizens of the country; it should not be paid in the terms of unaccountability to those who loose loved ones; it should not be paid at the stress and expense of our protection officers. We have evidence that the weapons industry is not self regulating, that the nation has disparate systems undermined by a myriad of policy, enforcement, and funding… obstructions and it is time to make some cohesion in the way we manage all of these issues.

The 2nd amendment is an argument that comes up. There is always interpretation and how that interpretation is set depends upon the conditions and time for which you live. Our forefathers created a document with as much divine influence as they could muster.  In a contentious argumentative environment they came up with a work to be admired 200+ years later (Not Bad!). How could they conceive that neighbors would not physically talk to each other? How could they conceive that the publicly available musket could be modified to fire 1000 rounds a minute of armor piercing, projectile tumbling/flesh exploding- bullets?

2nd amendment- Well regulated militias: If a group of enthusiasts want to get together, practice defense against tyrants and blow stuff-up ROCK-ON! Can I come for a weekend?

·         How else can we get people to understand and respect the equipment they are using but by having a group of serious and experienced people inculcate a proper weapons mystique to the newbie’s (insert respect + favorite child hunting story here!  But lets not confuse this with the need to take an AR-15 deer hunting this weapon is not designed to preserve the maximum edible flesh). Socialization is a critical aspect of developing moral bearings in life and it is a powerful on the ground perspective when individuals are getting out of line.

·         The public at large is not well regulated sets of militias!

·         There needs to be a PR effort that gets individuals to recognize that no militia group is going to resist the tyranny of the government in any practical way that does not include defection of the army or support of a foreign power (ex. Egypt, Libya Vs. Syria). . The system of militias cannot be allowed to support armed subversive groups of HATE!. Not prejudism, secession, anti-tax (Whiskey Rebellion), wacko Waco Texas stuff. Sure that is impossible to prevent stuff like that from starting, just like it is impossible for people with strong opinions from building coalitions in churches and mosques, but there may be a need to “disband” such a militia (ex. in Michigan). Also there are environmental and safety concerns which need to be addressed- what is done on private property (blowing up tanks of fuel etc.) causes damage to the water air and wildlife, which others enjoy. We are one nation under god and as such we have a duty to all citizens.

-2nd amendment- Keep and Bare arms: To Keep- means to own. I keep my car in a garage; I keep my family heirloom diamond in bank safety deposit box. Keep does not mean that a citizen must have to have immediate access to a weapon capable of “taking-out” multiple targets at distance.

o       Also, I really don’t care about the definition or type of weapon if, we are managing “opportunity” for damage in the right way. There is nothing in the text that says citizens do not need to have licenses for different types of ammunition or “Arms”… we restrict explosives based on such a system we could do the same with ammunition. There is nothing in the text that says weapons cannot be securely stored in a way that would prevent you from access when in an unfit frame of mind. i.e. at your militia headquarters or gun range.  I contrary to many “Old West” stories many municipalities required cowboys to check their guns at the edge of town. Rural environments need secure storage as well maybe not a gun bank but building up a cache is not really protecting stock from coyotes and wolves.

·         To Bare- To use in a functional way, to use against a threat or enemy- Join a militia as noted above! This does not mean that a citizen has the right to bare arms at any and all times to keep said “Arms” under their pillow. In the army are your weapons with you in the barracks? Weapons must be secure and accounted for at all times!

In general there is a now and then aspect to any policy, some ideas discussed:

  1. Insurance on each gun- insuring that the weapon would not be used in ways that endanger the public. This pays punitive damage claims and weapon related legal fees minimum deductible 1,000- gun owners still need to have some responsibility in the bad judgment game.(Some might call this a tax regulated through private industry- but at least there is a clear service provided)
    1. It prices risk considering potential damage against experience security of and access to guns- go ahead, get a concealed weapons permit, own an AR-15 or something bigger. (more guns more expense, more public risk, more expense, no insurance no gun)
    2. Such a requirement provides not only a motivation for a duty of care but;
    3. funds for restitution and improved psych services, and
    4. includes lapses in insurance such and/or loss of weapon in such cases there is a funding mechanism for collection. (perhaps another private industry opportunity, or reward for guns that go missing, reducing the number available to criminals).
    5. This also solves the technical issues of registration and database maintenance, (Again something that all citizens need not pay, but a duty on those who take pleasure in gun ownership).

The government is not in the micro factor risk analysis game, and it should not be their duty.

  1. Reduced home storage of weapons socially encourage local militias gun clubs and ranges to get into the security and warehousing business.  Set limits on the types and number of weapons, amount of ammo allowed in unsecured areas.  Some weapons are only allowed to be kept and used in designated areas (race cars are not allowed on the streets, racing fuel is dispensed in restricted areas or to authorized users). (this idea is probably the most problematic but when tied to insurance cost of home storage it might be plausible)
    1. I don’t trust all citizens’ mental states, at all times, so those weapons and ammunition do not need to be immediately accessible.
    2. Militias, Ranges and Gun Clubs can get into the business of Gun Banking. A nongovernment set of eyes to appraise mental state of owners, hopefully in a personal and friendship level of connection
  2. Attendance in gun events… not lame safety demonstrations… Live fire hands on use of weapons with colleagues and professionals, building comradery, appreciation, professionalism and a sharing of best management practices. You are required to attend a number of gun events per year

So summary repeated-

  1. Take the Big Government argument out of the equation and provide a competing lobby to the NRA.
  2. Set some standards and requirements in gun ownership, identify ways to have peers take the keys away from the “drunk drivers” (mentally unfit)
  3. Include a base cost lf gun ownership and incrementally increase the expense Vs. risk equation.

Gun collection is a cool hobby but it carries and much heavier responsibility than stamp collecting this has not been priced into the market. Personally I think insurance is the ruin of our nation but it is a mechanism which can induce logical regulation of behavior without more police.

In closing, the nation has disparate systems undermined by a myriad of policy, enforcement, and funding obstructions and it is time to make some cohesion in the way we manage all of these issues.  We need you to put forward ideas that take tangents away from the vitriolic cannons repeated by entrenched constituents.  It is time to set a clear strategy rather than tactical solutions.

It is time to disarm the anger consuming our national conversation (guns, taxes, religion) and feel safe having a discussion about the issues facing our people.

At home I can set the tone and tenor of a chat but I look to you in creating a similar environment where we can make the best policy for all and our future as a nation.

With respect,


Call of Duty: Black Ops – War and Pain

This is something I’ve been meaning to write about for while.  It is something that really bothers me but seems very acceptable in the current cultural climate.

Let me being by saying I’ve been a gamer every since I was a child on the Atari 2600 running through the jungle in Pitfall.  Let’s run through a very quick list of my favorite games since the early 1980s.

From there I advanced to Sega Master System with my favorite game being Phantasy Star.

After the Master System I bought the Genesis and again, my favorite game was Phastasy Star (II).

After the Genesis I switched completely from consoles to computer games with my favorite being Warcraft I.

As games became better they also became more violent.  I played numerous games but perhaps my favorite was Grand Theft Auto Vice City.

Now, we have advanced and games are reflecting reality at a greater pace.  Most recently the game which is generating all they hype is Call of Duty: Black Ops and with this one I have a pretty big problem.

On the surface it seems like  a VERY COOL GAME!  This is something I would have really liked to play as a teenager.  The problem is I have lived in various countries and seen the effect of war.

So, when I see a game like this, if I had no international experience I would think it to be very cool.  Yet, with international experience it disgusts me.

This game takes place during the Cold War in various “hot spots” in order to contain Communism.  The problem is gaming has become to close to reality and reality is very messy.  I have a serious problem with my young countrymen playing a game in which they kill citizens of other very real countries and the impression that it is a “cool” thing to do.

I am not against war games or even very violent games.  My main issue is this.

In a very violent game based on a real war how do the citizens of the opposing countries feel?  What would we think if we went to Russia or Vietnam and found a game where you get to kill American soliders?  I imagine it would bother us very much.  Yet it now seems perfectly acceptable as long as it is American soldiers doing the killing.

My experience pertains mostly to Vietnam and I have seen with my own eyes the very real horror which took place there and continues to this day due to the destruction which war creates.  I have spoken with veterans of both sides and can see in their eyes the pain it caused.

In Vietnam I met a few American veterans who were engaged in honorable acts such as building schools and it seemed to me they were seeking to rectify the pain and guilt they find from what occurred there.  Now that I am in the USA I have met some which it is best to avoid the subject completely.  One encounter stands out among the others about how I told him I loved the country immensely.  He looked at me with horror and said “Yea, they are real nice when the kids attach grenades to the backsides of soldiers who are then blown to bits.

Others take it in stride and tell me very calmly “Yea, well I was there during a different time.”

I have also drunk beer with former North Vietnamese soldiers who are quite interested to speak with me and see how the younger Americans perceive their country.

As I was not alive at the time of the war I really cannot understand all the pain both sides went through.  What I do know is that Vietnam is a country that prefers to forgive and forget.  When I was in country, the only reminder I could see is when the Government set up a memorial right in front of the American Embassy in Saigon complete with soldiers to guard it as well as the “War Crimes Museum.”  This really caused a stir with the Americans.

Yet, what I have a very hard time fathoming is that in the USA, due to our capitalist mentality we have the audacity to create a video game in which you can play an American solider and kill Vietnamese and Russian citizens.

My question is how do you think the Vietnamese and Russians might feel about this?

The fact is, this is a question that never even crossed their mind.  The young simply hear the fashionable music and get excited by the abilities of the game. They have no clue of the pain and horror that actually occurred there.  They also have no idea that half of America was against the war.  What happened to the peace rallies of the John Lennon era?

(Please watch it is a very powerful video) (PLEASE WATCH THIS, OTHERWISE YOU WILL NOT UNDERSTAND THIS POST!)

What happened to love and peace?  Apparently, the ability to create a game where you kill other countries citizens is enough to make money thus reason enough to create and market.  Why is it we are so easy to forget the pain that was caused and how can we create such a game?

I asked a good friend of mine about this game “Black Ops.”  I reminded him that the war in Vietnam was lost and therefore would it be possible to play a North Vietnamese solider and kill the American soldiers?  I knew this would be a very provocative question and he seemed a bit shocked that I even asked.

It is just a game right?  Usually you get to play both sides.  But I’m willing to bet my entire existence that if the option to play the North Vietnamese were allowed there would be a complete sh*t-storm which would probably go right up to the government.

The last time a game caused such a stir was in GTA – San Andreas and the government had something to say about a patch called “Hot Coffee” which allowed for sex acts in game.  So let me get this straight, the graphic killing of other countries soldiers/citizens is ok but porn is not?

I also have reservations to even post such a question on the blog as it will be highly unpopular.  Yet, I cannot contain the sadness I feel when I hear the “fashionable music” being played and this game being portrayed as the best game of the year.

What people forget is that both sides of any conflict have families they love just as much as any other family.  Terrible things happen and loved ones are killed.  It absolutely disgusts me that my own countrymen can view this as entertainment.  When will we learn to start loving one another as all the major religions tell us to instead of creating entertainment where we kill each other?

(Listen to the Lyrics in this one)

Perhaps I am an idealist.  Perhaps I am one of the few to really abhor war and have the balls to call it out when I see it happening as entertainment.

In this game I wonder if they have the balls to show the crying family of the slain solider from Indiana who just wanted to serve his country?  I wonder if this game has the balls to show the complete slaughter of an entire peasant village?

I would guess not.  I would suppose they will just throw in another track by Eminem and glorify how “cool” it is to kill people.

You must excuse me for my passion on this article, I just cannot abide by such reckless profiteering on such an awful events in human history.  This gives me very little faith in humanity and to me, it feels like huge steps back in terms of learning to love and get along with each other.

So, no, I will not be playing “Black Ops,” but instead will stick to my game of Elves, Mages, Orcs and Warriors which also just happens to be the most popular MMORPG in the world.  Of course I am talking about World of Warcraft.

Again, please excuse me for my passion on this article.  With games that show the killing of other countries citizens, this Dude does not abide.

STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

– An eye for an eye will make us all blind – Mohandas Gandhi