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Author Topic: Japan - US Alliance
Mateo de-
Posts: 94
Post Japan - US Alliance
on: April 26, 2012, 23:54

The chess pieces are finally moving.

If you followed these things the previous Japanese government wanted the US out of Okinawa. That PM fell. But the fact remains that Japan is a sovereign nation (that needs the US to face down China) but would prefer not to have them on their own soil. This is just a small inconsequential compromise however.

In a joint statement issued in Washington and Tokyo, the two sides said they remained committed to the relocation of the base from its present urban location to a coastal spot -- a move that is heavily resisted in Okinawa, where activists want it to be completely removed.

The Marines remain for the US and the Japanese government can say they have made progress in relocating the Americans.

Panetta hails 'important' deal on Marines in Japan

What is the main takeaway from this article?

It probably won't make the mainstream American news. The reporting news source is based in Lebanon. For those that want the truth?

1. Japan wants America off their island/country.
2. Okinawa REALLY wants the base off the island.
3. Japan needs the US to keep China in check.
4. Japan will renounce Article 9 (No more war) in the next 15 years. Just need a good way to do it.

This is just the first baby step in Japan becoming more assertive as well as the US realigning their forces in the Asia Pacific. Okinawa has been a fine base but now the US has new allies. Watch Vietnam. 🙂

Mateo de-
Posts: 94
Post Re: Japan - US Alliance
on: June 8, 2012, 08:55

Just saw that Leon Panetta visited Vietnam.

As I mentioned at the bottom of my entry above, watch Vietnam. China is the becoming master of that region and regaining its former glory. China is what the US is concerned about and given the pressure in Japan to relocate US military bases it is high time to find new friends in the region. Why Vietnam? Because Vietnam hates China.

One of the most famous stories in Vietnam is of Emperor Le Loi doing battle with China.
Visit Vietnam and you'll see the name Le Loi all over the place.

Le Loi lived over 500 years ago but have things changed?

No, China invaded Vietnam's borders in 1979

Things have not changed.

I'll leave with a story. I was visiting the highlands of Vietnam where the Americans had a lot of CIA activity to recruit ethnic minorities. Therefore, foreigners can only visit with a government guide. I asked this guide if the Northern Vietnamese hated the Americans. His response was:

"Some people hate the Americans, some people love the Americans. Same same with the French, some people love them, some people hate them. But I tell you everybody, 100% hate the Chinese."

LOL. Take this with a big grain of salt but in Asia you have thousands of years of warfare, just like Europe and many of these memories die hard.

So what is a new nation such as America supposed to do when concerned with a rising superpower such as China? Well, "the enemy of the enemy is my friend."

Keep watching Vietnam. 🙂

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